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Welcome  to Glasgow Food Geek

As you might have guessed this blog started out entirely about food in Glasgow,  which I started in 2003. At the time I had just moved to a flat in the West End of Glasgow with my husband (commonly referred to as MrG, because he is not a fan of being on social media) we had both lived in the ‘burbs all our lives and this was our first experience of city living. We didn’t want to fall into the rut of always going back to the same restaurants again and again, so I came up with the idea of creating a list of 100 restaurants to visit in Glasgow, and then Glasgow Food Geek was born from there. 


Over the 8 years since it was started I have dropped in and out of the blog,  but in recent years have focused almost exclusively on Instagram - This was largely because my love of beautiful food photography has grown massively, resulting in me starting a Social Media Management agency for restaurants and food businesses in Glasgow, Gram Social. 


But I feel that in 2021 people are ready to reconnect on a larger scale and are falling back in love with blogs and podcasts, and I am ready to explore my inner Carrie Bradshaw once again.

Given that I haven’t written anything on my original site in a few years I wanted to start fresh, mostly because so many of the reviews were out of date by quite some way, but also the images and writing made me cringe quite badly. This reboot has afforded me to opportunity to explore and write about some other things that I am interested in - books, wine, photography, the environment, just whatever I fancy really. So while it is still largely food focused I will be sharing a few of my other passions with you too.


The food scene in Glasgow during the years since Glasgow Food Geek was first born has exploded and grown beyond belief, in both the variety and quality of the food on offer.  I am excited to dive back into it again.


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