Ever since I was young I have had a slight obsession with America – as a child I so badly wanted to visit Florida, and as a teenager I wanted to drive an open top jeep and live by the beach in some kind of American teen rom-com like She’s All That or American Pie. Then in my 20’s I wanted to live in New York – yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it I wanted to be Carrie from Sex in the City. Now in my 30s I still want to live the Sex and the City lifestyle but I also want to be best bud with Adam Richmond from Man V Food. As a Man v Foodie I am always desperate to trying any vaguely Americanised food – so when ever I see Pulled Pork on the menu in any form I don’t even waste my time looking over the rest of the menu it’s a done deal!
So as you can imagine the first time I walking into Lebowskis on Argyle Street I nearly passed out with glee – its like stepping into a bar in Brooklyn with a menu to match. Now at this point I should probably admit something, I don’t get the movie…I’ve seen it once and when it finished I was a little baffled with the whole thing. However that doesn’t stop me completely loving the vibe in the bar….with it’s exposed brick, worn wooden dark wood floor and bowling pin lean bar I instantly felt at home and welcome. Oh and of course there is a picture of the Dude by the door to greet you.

The staff were extremely laid back which very much fit with the feel in the bar – they weren’t overly friendly but they weren’t rude either they just took our order and left, now I have no problem with this method because on a Monday at 2pm I just want fed…but some people may not like it. I get the feeling thought that if you went there as a regular they would become very warm and friendly to you. When I spoke to the bar man when paying the bill he was very pleasant and helpful.

 Now the menu…where do I start? I wanted everything it all looked and sounded absolutely amazing. The menu was full of various burgers and hot dogs – so as you can imagine its a fairly relaxed menu of tasty comfort food and not for the dieters amongst us! Of course I choose the Pulled Pork Burger with a side of Mac and Cheese (I adore mac n cheese as a side and will always get it if its available)
The food when it arrived looked incredible – it was a nice high burger (is there anything in the world more infuriating than ordering a burger expecting it to come and be about 4 inches high and in actual fact its as flat as a pancake?) it came with triple fried potato chunks, I would call them chips but I feel that would be doing them a disservice! My only slight minor complaint would be that it was served on a slab of wood which I always find it difficult to eat from, but this in no way hampered or dampened my experience.

I think this may become one of my regular spots… I adore the decor, menu and they have an extensive cocktail menu which always earns a bar bonus points with me – a good sold first dining experience.
I’ll be back for a White Russian soon Lebowskis!