A few weeks ago I  tried Stravaigin for brunch and I commented that I couldn’t wait to go back and try it for dinner…well I didn’t have to wait too long. Having spent a rather lazy and idle afternoon in the garden on Friday the last thing I felt like doing was standing in a hot kitchen so I hastily arranged a table for two in Stravaigins restaurant.Upon arrival we were directed down the stairs to the restaurant and to say I nearly passed out with overheating at the bottom of the stairs where the kitchens hot pass was located would be an understatement. Thankfully we didn’t have to loiter there long and were guided through to the some what cooler restaurant.

Stravaigin restaurant review glasgow

There restaurant is quite a romantic and cosy room, it’s pretty dark with only a couple of small windows but they have made the best of it by stringing up fairy lights and lighting little tea lights all over the room making it feel very intimate. My only very minor grumble was the tables were pretty small and I had to shuffle stuff about a wee bit once my drinks arrived.
The staff were all lovely and nothing was too much trouble. I always think it is the mark of a good waiter who remembers who ordered which dish and it is just placed in front of you, which happened during both courses. We were greeted with big smiles by who I presume was the restaurant manager and bid fair well with the same big smile with wishes of a lovely evening in the sun. An entirely pleasant team!

The cocktail menu is extensive and had lots of original cocktails to try. I opted to try the pear Cosmo which did not disappoint at all, and came in quite a cool little stumpy glass….even if it straw kept falling into my drink, eventually I gave up with the straws and just sipped ever so lady like.

The motto at Stravaigin is Think Global. Eat Local. and it is evident through their menu that they mean business, with an odd but enticing mixture of dishes including…West Coast Steamed mussels, Nasi Goreng an Indonesian Fried Rice dish and a Seared Sea Bream, curried haddock and cauliflower risotto. It’s eclectic and exciting and makes you want to try absolutely everything.  And yes, I did have to google more than one ingredient to discover what it was – God bless google!
Let me tell you about the food which was incredible. To start with we were presented with chunks of fresh thick cut sour dough and a dipping sauce of beetroot, lemon and tomato which has a light curried twang to it…it’s fair to say I ate more than my allocated share of sour dough because the sauce was so nice.

I am a bit of a haggis nut so opted for the made in house haggis neeps and tattles to start, which was sensational and is some of the most delicious haggis I’ve ever tried.

To follow I was tempted with the Abodo braised pork belly served with candied sweet potatoes and pecans, collard greens and dirty coleslaw. What’s dirty coleslaw? I hear you ask…the answer is I’m not entirely sure but it tasted creamy and delicious. The pork was light and extremely soft which went really nicely with the candied sweet potatoes. I even liked and enjoyed the collard greens, which I don’t normally like –  I think  its a true testament to a great chef if they can get you to eat something you don’t normally like. Special mention goes to my side order of Hand Cut Chips which were moreish and so tasty I ate an entire bowl myself…an absolute must try.

By this time the restaurant was starting to fill up so the heat was rising – I decided that what looked like a delicious dessert menu was not on the cards – it was just too hot. I will however be back very soon to sample the Hibiscus soup, white peach sorbet and white chocolate mousse..nomnomnom!
When leaving the restaurant I noticed dotted around the room the awards that Stravaigin has won and I can assure you they have earned every single one.


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