The Butchershop Bar & Grill

For those of you who don’t know – I am a total meat fan, in fact I think it should be enjoyed during every meal so it was with much excitement that I discovered The Buthershop Bar & Grill which is just across the road from the Kelvingrove. Anywhere the menu consists of steak, steaks, steaks, steaks and yeah you guessed it more steaks is okay by me.
The Butchershop had been recommend to me by so many people that it was with great excitement I made my way there a few weeks ago on a Friday evening to try it for the first time. Located at 1055 Sauchiehall Street it is a fairly unassuming restaurant from the outside, with a black exterior and block type white signage it reeks of cool contemporary New York chic which is just the vibe that owner James Rusk is trying to create.
The interior of the Butchershop is very in keeping with the exterior with a very masculine edge. The pure white tiled walls, dark wooden floors and chairs  and brown leather booth made the restaurant feel quite vintage. The lighting was very industrial looking and there was a few large potted plants dotted around. Like I said very masculine & quite a sexy little restaurant which made me feel like I was in Downtown Manhattan.
We were met at the door by one of the very smart waiters, I thought at first they looked slightly pretentious in there shirts & ties and floor length butchers aprons but after we were seated and had a moment to take in our surroundings it was very in keeping with the feel in the restaurant and actually worked. The staff were all exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful and not too shabby looking either.
Lets talk menus for a second…and it literally will be a second, if you don’t like steaks this is absolutely not the place for you. Their menu consists of every cut of beef you can imagine, The Butchershop has a policy of using only Scottish grass fed cattle which is then hung on the bone and dry aged for at least 28 days and believe me it shows. For the non beef eaters there is a small section on the menu which they have called The Rest which includes 3 alternative dishes including a Pork chop dish, a salmon dish and a pasta dish – you have to be an out and out carnivore to really enjoy this spot.
I have always wanted to try Crispy Fried Soft Shell Crab so when I saw it on the menu as a starter I immediately jumped at the chance to try it. It was delicious and so tasty, my only slight niggle was that it was quite small and I was starving…..but when I was half way through my main course I was thanking my lucky stars it was so small because my main meal was so large.
In true carnivore fashion I opted for the House Signature cut half Kilo hung & Dry aged for 35 days T-Bone steak accompanied with hand cut chips and Garlic Mixed Herb Butter and a side of onion rings. I know, isn’t your mouth watering just thinking about it? When it arrived I was not in anyway disappointed – the steak as well as being huge was succulent, tender and ridiculously juicy. The chips and onion rings were both delicious and extremely moreish.
After all this food there was no way I could of been tempted with a dessert although they all did look delicious, I’ll definitely be trying the Banoffee Sundae on my next visit.
It’s worth noting that this is a pretty pricey restaurant (worth every single penny tho) if you’d like to try them out and not spend a fortune they offer a special Burger Vs Steak Frites on a Tuesday night which includes 2 Butchershop Burgers or 2 Steak Frites served with Skinny Fries and a bottle of house wine for £30, which I think is a fantastic deal.
This is now officially in my top 5 restaurants in Glasgow – its amazeballs and a must try in the Glasgow food scene.


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