Sarti – Wellington Street

Sarti Italian restaurant review glasgow
I love a good Glasgow eating institution and Fratelli Sarti is nothing if it is not a Glasgow institution. I stumbled across their Wellington Street location on a lasy Sunday evening when the thought of cooking was filling me with dread. When I saw the famous Sarti sign I screamed ‘stop the car – we’re eating there’ and I am really glad I did because it was exactly what the food doctor ordered.
Sarti Italian restaurant review glasgow
The feel of the restaurant is very much cosy Italian trattoria, it was warm, welcoming and a pleasure to be there. There are picture and Italian football scarves decorating the walls which gives it the feel that you are in someones front room, which was only enforced by the staff who were extremely helpful – it was just like being at mama’s house for Sunday dinner.
I do have one serious niggle with the restaurant – the bathroom was about a mile walk away, I had to walk down a large rickety staircase, along a series of corridors – passed an entry to another restaurant (yes another restaurant – I can only presume that they maybe share the bathroom??!) and eventually found my way to my destination. A small niggle but a niggle none the less
The menu selection was substantial with 2 pages of starts alone! Everything looked amazing – I chose the BresaolaPunta D’Anca to start which was thinly sliced beef fillet which had been marinated in Bresaola served with a peppery rocket salad and parmigano and a serving of foccacia. The beef was beautiful and soft and tasted like a little slice of heaven, and the foccacia was really tasty – it was doughy and salty and very moreish.
For my main I went for Spaghetti alle Polpette della Nonna which is home made pork and beef meatballs served with spaghetti in a ragu sauce. The pictures I took of this dish don’t do the size of the portion justice – it was HUGE! But my god it was so delicious – it was so good, the pasta was perfectly cooked and the ragu was really fresh and well seasoned. I can’t recommend this dish enough.

 After the massive portion there was no way I could make room for a Tiramisu even thought I wanted to try I was just too full.
This is a great wee restaurant which I can’t wait to visit again.



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