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Some people may try to fool you into thinking the curry capital of Britain is perhaps Birmingham or Leeds…maybe even Bradford but I am here to reassure you people of Glasgow that as far as I am concerned the curry’s in Glasgow are so good that we may as well be a suburb of New Dehli. How can I say this with such conviction I hear you ask? Well I hate curry! Well into my late twenties if I went to an Indian restaurant I would order the Chicken Maryland, if the call went out ‘what take away shall we order?’ – Chinese was always my response…at every turn I shunned curry. Until that is I tried a curry in Glasgow! I do still shy away from the hot ones but I am more than happy to partake in something like a Patia or a Chasni.
A few weeks a go I came across the take away menu for Mister Singh’s which is completely loaded with haggis options intriguing me slightly. As you all know I am a huge haggis fan and was really keen to see how Mister Singh’s incorporated that into their Indian cooking.
Located on Sauchiehall Street in Charring Cross Mister Singh’s is something of a local institution, when you talk to people absolutely everyone has heard of it so I was really excited to try it. The interior of Mister Singh’s is pretty nice, there is gorgeous ornate original cornicing around the entire restaurant which I absolutely love, the walls are a plain white and the furniture is nice enough. A basic but well done pleasant dining area.
 The staff here are exceptionally attentive and lovely, dressed in matching blue kilts they all have a smile for you. All of the staff greet you on the way in and bid farewell on the way out by name. I have not one complaint about the staff, they were all extremely friendly and attentive.
Mister singh's Indian restaurant review

Mister singh’s Indian restaurant review

The menu as Mister Singh’s is in the style of a traditional Indian, you pick your sauce and then your meat, rice and bread. There was a special menu on offer but I didn’t even look at it because I really wanted to pick from the a la carte.
To start I decided to try the share platter for 2 so I could get to try a little bit of everything which consisted of – mixed combination of chicken, vegetable, haggis and mushroom pakora, tandoori chicken chatt and chicken poori. It arrived extremely quickly and was presented well. The pakoras were all delicious (except the mushroom which I didn’t try because I hate mushrooms) the chatt which was a chicken drumsticks, barbecued in the tandoori oven then cooked in a sweet n sour sauce was moist and tasty. My favourite in the starter tho was the poori – a light thin deep fried flaky bread stuffed full of tender tandoori chicken mixed in some kind of very lightly spiced sauce. The starter was a huge success and I could of happily of made a full meal just out of the starter options.
For my main I lost my mind a little bit on a haggis overload, I choose a Haggis Patia which is a medium strength sweet and sour sauce served with pauli rice and a Haggis Paratha. Again this arrived pretty quickly. Everything was great, the sauce was seriously tasty with just the tiniest little hint of heat. The haggis paratha was insanely good, the bread was greasy in the best way and the haggis was nicely spiced. After all this Haggis it is fair to say that I was ‘Haggist oot ma nut!’

 My only real niggle is actually not really a complaint at all but I really craved some texture in my curry – the haggis didn’t really have any kind of bite and I found myself craving a tender bite of chicken in it. Like I said this isn’t a complaint in anyway because the dish was really good – it’s just a personal taste thing.
Next was on to dessert – all the desserts I think we’re bought in but there’s nothing wrong with that if you feel you’re talents lay more in the starters & mains. I went for the Gulab Jamun with ice cream accompanies with a Royal Indian Chai Tea. The dessert arrived and it was very elegant in its presentation I though. It was lovely, a nice little sweet finish to the meal – the Gulab Jamun was warm and in a tasty light sweet syrup with a cream vanilla ice cream and a smear of chocolate sauce. I would absolutely recommend this dish to anyone.
I absolutely loved Mister Singh’s and it’s sure to become a restaurant that I visit often.
P.S Sorry about the quality of the pictures it was quite dark 🙂