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It’s nice after a few weeks blogging about my sugar-free diet to now be blogging about a restaurant again.
We decided to stop for lunch today after an appointment this morning, we discussed various options but somehow got parked on St.Vincent street. After pondering and debating both the Cafe Anderluz and Urban Menu we decided that we wanted to try out Urban.

Having never been inside I wasn’t sure what to expect – a really nice pub style vibe was my guess, so I was shocked to walk into find a beautiful full blow vintage style large dining room. The interior is really gorgeous and has a feel of cool supper club with wooden floors, leather seats and wood paneling. I especially loved the circular booths along the back wall and the art work was gorgeous. However something wasn’t sitting right with me about the interior and after sitting for a few minutes I finally put my finger on it – they used paper table cloths over the linen ones…..REALLY?? They have clearly spent a fortune on the interior, the food isn’t cheap and the staff are suited and booted to look stylish and slick and you use paper table cloths? I hate them anyway but in these surroundings found it particularly jarring because everything else was so lovely.

The menu in Urban is really really appealing to my taste and everything sounded so delicious. In the end I decided to start with the Braised Beef Cheek served with Parsnip Puree and Crispy Leeks. I’m going to start with the positives – the Puree was deliciously smooth and perfectly seasoned and the beef was tasty and fell apart. The negatives for me were the crispy leeks which weren’t crispy, they were chewy and tasted like dried grass and the gravy  was quite weird it tasted really flavoursome but the texture was quite gloopy and slimy. Having said that other than the leeks I scoffed the lot.

Starter – Urban

For my main I went for the Lemon Sole grilled which normally comes with Chips and Tartar Sauce. I asked for the fish fillets to come with a side of rocket and parmesan instead. When it arrived the side salad was covered in Balsamic Glaze ( I asked for it without) so it was sent back and the lovely waitress apologised – no harm done. I have no real strong thoughts on my main to be honest, the fish was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious and the salad was lovely with lots of big slices of morish parmesan. No complaints I would happily eat this again.

I noticed though that the chips looked like they might be frozen chips – I may be totally wrong but they definitely did not look like a delicious fresh chip. I would expect somewhere with these prices (£55 for 2 for 2 courses) would be serving a gorgeous triple cooked chips.
I don’t know what it is but I left Urban feeling quite disappointed, I think possibly when I saw the interior that I was expecting fine dinning but it wasn’t it was pretty decent food but it didn’t blow my mind. If you asked me what they did wrong I would struggle to answer you all I can put it down to was that my expectations were raised to the potential of an exceptional meal but in reality it was just a perfectly good meal….unfair? possibly. That is why I have tried to score as honestly as possible  and I have ended up scoring them a 7 which I think it a pretty decent score.
Urban Bar and brasserie review

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