Bread Meats Bread – Revisited

Earlier this week I finally popped back to Bread Meats Bread and I am glad I waited so long to revisit.

Since their opening in November Bread Meats Bread has had it’s fair share of issues – at first they had problems with their menu and opened with only about 40% of their menu actually available. This was followed by issues with the quality of a few of the dishes on the menu, especially the sweet potato fries (which I utterly loved on their launch night) both of these issues have now thankfully been ironed out.

I loved BMB when I was invited along for their launch night so I would have been completely gutted to go back and be disappointed. Fortunately for me this didn’t happen last night, in my eyes they were just as good as my first visit here.
If you want to read about the vibe and interior you can have a little look at my original review here.

The evening was something of a random foodie summit – I had mentioned on Twitter about going to BMB to try some special one night only available bacon wrapped fries…..yes freaking BACON WRAPPED FRIES!! This then turned in to a lovely evening with some of Glasgow’s Blogging elite including Glasgow Food Blog, Ananya, House of Herby,The Olive Dragonfly & James Vs Burger – I am not gonna lie I was very much the poor relation at that table!

BMB started up off with some of the aforementioned bacon wrapped fries which I completely loved, they gave us both potato fries & sweet potato fries wrapped..yum yum yummmmmm! In my opinion there is not nearly enough food wrapped in bacon.

Brisket – Bread Meats Bread

For my main I chose the Smoked Beef Brisket on a pretzel bun (as recommended by our lovely waiter) this consisted of slow smoked in-house pulled to order brisket served with swiss cheese and gravy. I absolutely adored it and thought it was amazing. I should point out at this point that a few other people were also tempted with the brisket and they both commented that it was a bit on the cool side for them but I didn’t mind that at all. The brisket was cooked to crumbly melty perfection. The gravy was a brisket grave so it was full of meaty tastyness. I lurved it!

Sides wise I got to try quite a few things – the sweet potato fries which are now some of the best in the city. The caramelized¬†Sweet fries which are the regular sweet fries tossed in I think coconut oil and sugar maybe?! they were SO sweet….delicious but I couldn’t eat more than a few because of the sweetness. I also finally got to try a classic poutine, for those of you that don’t know what poutine is basically it is a massive portion of their regular chips, with loads of chunky melted cheese curds over the top then drowned in beef brisket gravy. Mind blowingly delicious.

Lastly Good Luck Kid had a pop up doughnut stall that afternoon in Bread Meats Bread and the guys were kind enough to snag us a few which was a lovely way to finish off our dinner. I was able to resist the doughnuts (barely) so as not to destroy my diet too much but I am assured they were utterly scrumptious.

Fantastic night with lovely food and friends – Bread Meats Bread for me still is retaining it’s 10 star geek rating!
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