Nic's NYC Deli

Most days despite being at home I usually get take away for lunch….if you follow me on Yelp you’ll know that my regular lunch haunt is Naked Soup but if I’m feeling like a naughty lunch treat Nic’s NYC Deli is my go to place now.

This little take away lunch spot popped up late last year on St. Enoch square and immediately piqued my interest. As the name would suggest it’s loaded with American style food, don’t be down heartened though this is no run of the mill ‘American diner’ serving cheap hot dogs and yucky burgers from the cash and carry. The food from Nic’s is tasty, well thought out and delicious.

There are of course the likes of baked potatoes and sandwiches with lovely looking toppings to be enjoyed. My eyes however were very much glued to the Hot Dog menu where you can try such delights as the amazing Cheesy Pig Dog ( bacon and cheese) or the BBQ Dog (sweet fried onions, BBQ Sauce and dill pickle) or the very tempting Glasga Dog ( black Pudding and fried egg). What makes these dogs in my opinion the best take away dogs in Glasgow is that they fry off their dogs for a few minutes which makes them extra tasty.

I’ve not tried the freshly made pancakes or waffles yet but they do come with some lovely looking toppings – the Banana Beast ( banana, maple, pecan nuts and ice cream) Peanut Butter Jelly Time (peanut butter and blackcurrant or strawberry jam) or the Sweet Porker Stack ( bacon and maple syrup) these are definitely next on my list to try from the menu.

On my last visit I finally gave in to the cool looking doughnuts. These lovely little clouds of light dough are made in-house ensuring they are as fresh as they come. The base is so soft and flavoursome, the topping is a luscious thick layer of fondant sprinkled with a variety of American style toppings – Oreo, peanut butter cups, smarties, marshmallows……the list is endless. What really excited me tho was while chatting with the girls they announced that they were expecting their doughnut menus to arrive any minute. Hang on! Let’s just think about that for a second……..a menu……dedicated to doughnuts…….it’s the stuff of dreams!

Doughnuts – Nics NYC Deli

Nic’s is a great wee lunch spotwhere they use really good quality food and the girls who work there are all lovely and helpful when trying to make your selection….what’s not to love about this place.

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