Ubiquitous Chip

This weekend I had an amazing weekend when my good friend Sarah came to visit and spent the weekend. We did what can only be described as a mini tour of all places to see and be seen in our fair city. I took her to the amazing Richmond for dinner on Friday night to kick things off then had drinks in The Drake and Black Sparrow…yeah I was utterly drunk by 8pm.  On Saturday night we kicked off the day with lunch at Central Market which was delicious, then had a champagne afternoon tea at the Blythswood square which was completely chic. When deciding where to go for dinner I wanted to pick somewhere amazing that I had never been to and I ended up choosing Ubiquitous Chip.
If I could only use one word to describe the Chip it would be special.

Located on the already quite magical twinkely Ashton Lane the Chip is surely the jewel in its crown. When you step inside it is like walking into a magic garden, we were located in the court-yard area downstairs which is so beautiful. With its cobbled stone floor, beautiful art work on the walls and twinkely lights….it’s perfect. I also love that the tables are all really far apart so you can’t hear other people’s conversations.

The staff were great I wouldn’t call them over friendly but they weren’t rude either…professionally polite would be my description. My glass was never empty before our waitress was back at our table to top up our drinks. I couldn’t fault any of the staff in any way.
I have decided to give myself a bit of a break from booze and caffeine for a while,as this was to be my last evening of alcohol there was only one thing filling my glass and that was Champagne, lots and lots of champagne. Sarah and I went for a bottle of Perrier Jouet which came with the most gorgeous PJ branded flutes which I loved, unfortunately I didn’t have my big bag so they couldn’t accompany me home sadly.


To kick us off we were presented with a few canapes, the lovely waitress did tell us what they were but I don’t remember now what they were (lets blame the champagne for that!) I think the little cube was something mushroom and the little biscuit was a cheese and red onion lovely concoction.

The menu was fantastic and I could have happily eaten literally everything on it. To begin with tho I eventually settled on the Seared Islay scallops, crispy pork, fennel and cider veloute. When it arrived it was beautifully presented and tasted even better. The big fat scallops were cooked perfectly and the veloute was so delicious. 

Next came the monkfish and slow braised ox cheek, haricot beans, shallots and red wine sauce….it’s was sensational. Both the ox cheek and monkfish were soft and crumbly  which just fell apart. It was a perfect dish and I don’t think there is much more than that I can say about this dish.

For dessert our waitress recommended the milk chocolate and peanut butter bread pudding, cinnamon marshmallow, peanut brittle and banana ice cream and I am so glad that she did. Wow! The bread pudding was gooey and nutty and the ice cream was lush and creamy. The marshmallow & peanut brittle were so lovely together and a really interesting sensation in my mouth when they were eaten together. If you go to the Chip this is absolutely the dessert to choose.

Dessert – ubiquitous chip

With our lattes we were served some petit fours, the waitress never told us what they were and I couldn’t begin to guess but they were lovely, and served on a really beautiful dish…again the Chip should be happy I didn’t have my big bag with me 🙂

ubiquitous chip

I’ll be honest this is not a cheap restaurant but it is one of the best meals I have ever had, definitely the best meal I’ve had in Glasgow and is sure to become a regular haunt for me now.
The food and surroundings were stunning.


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