I have been waiting for months to find out what was moving into the old Ashoka place on Elderslie Street and about a month ago my musing of what it could be were finally answered – Cubatas a lovely little tapas restaurant. Being only about a 3 minute walk from my lovely wee flat it was going to be sooner rather than later before I gave it a try. I decided last night on a whim to walk down and give it a try, and I wasn’t even slightly disappointed.

Cubatas has a really warm and welcoming decor, when you enter the first thing that hits you is the cool rustic wooden bar, the walls are beautiful original thick stone walls and the floor looked like gorgeous reclaimed tiles. It’s a really has a really relaxed chilled out vibe with plenty of space between the tables so no eavesdropping.

The staff were warm, incredibly attentive and genuinely seemed to care that we were enjoying the food. The guy who served us guided us well through the menu and was happy to offer his opinion on the dishes. He explained as he took our order that the dishes wouldn’t come out together but that traditionally  with Tapas a few dishes are brought to the table when they are ready, then a few more and at any point if we wanted more of a dish just to ask. None stop food deliveries…I could live with that.

We chatted a bit with the guy who it turns out was a part owner  he had said that they were having busy days and quite days ,usually depending on their current trip advisor ranking (do people still use trip advisor?? if you do…. don’t – join Yelp you’ll get a much more accurate and truthful representation of someplace – you’re welcome B🙂 So I have kind of taken these guys under my wing a little, as you are about to discover I thought the food was great, the staff were lovely and I think they could be a great success once the word is out.

Ok, here we go….food! First to arrive at our table was a generous portion of Morro De Credo (Crunchy Pork fried stripes) this is a dish definitely to avoid if you have dentures, it is so crunchy you can feel it in your brain…I loved it. I would describe it as strips of salty lovely cold pork crackling.

Next came Pollo Y Bacon Con Queso (Bacon wraps with chicken and cheese filling.) Utterly delicious! Patatas Bravas (Spicy potatoes served with home-made all-i-oli and salsa brava) The all-i-oli was outrageously good, they make it fresh everyday and boy you can taste it. In this delivery we also got to try the Tortilla Espanola (Spanish traditional onion and potato omelette) we were presented with a big chunk of this tasty tortilla which was soft while still maintaining a little bite from the potato slices.

Our last delivery saw a lovely selection of dishes arrive we sampled Pollo a la Cerveza (Creamy chicken cooked in beer following a german recipe) the chicken was perfectly cooked and really flavoursome. Albondigas con Tomate (Mediterranean home-made meatballs served with tomato sauce) these were my favourite dish, the meatballs were meaty, dense and so tasty and the sauce was plentiful and delicious. We also got the Champinones al Ajillo (Pan fried mushrooms with garlic and herbs of Provence) now I don’t like mushrooms so I didn’t eat any but I am assured they were really moreish.

We followed this up with 2 made in-house dessert dishes – Arroz con Leche (The spanish version of home-made rice pudding) served cold I could only describe this little glass of citrus infused rice pudding as lush! We also tried the Leche Fritta (Spanish style dessert normally from the north of Spain made by cooking flour with milk and sugar until it thickens) these little fritters were so good, they were a gluttons but light and fluffy I would highly recommend both of these desserts.

All in all a fantastic addition to the west end and I think if word spreads they will do really really well, I for one will definitely be a regular customer and be crowing about them if they keep up this standard.


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