Shish Mahal

When you tell people that you live in the west end of Glasgow there are a few places that you constantly get told to try….The Chip, Stravaigin, Mister Singhs and Shish Mahal. Literally everyone I chat to about food in Glasgow says ‘you have to try Shish Mahal’ so it was in Shish Mahal that I found myself on Wednesday night after a trip to the Stand to see Holly Walsh as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

For those of you who don’t know the Shish Mahal they lay claim to inventing Chicken Tikka Masala – big claim right? The dish is said to have been created by Ali Ahmed Aslam , the owner of the restaurant in the early 1970s. Following a complaint from a diner about the dryness of his chicken. The chef hastily prepared a sauce using various spices soaked in a tin of Campbell’s condensed tomato soup which he had been eating while recovering from a stomach ulcer….and the Chicken Tikka Masala was born.
The Shish Mahal is located on Park Road near Great Western Road, inside is exactly what you would expect of a local indian restaurant – it’s fairly ageless, if you told me it was last decorated in the 80’s I would believe you or if you told me it was done last week I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.  It was a lovely warm and welcoming interior which was really comfortable surroundings to enjoy a delicious meal.
The staff were friendly and very attentive. Our waiter was very good at keeping us up to date with our wait time as our starter was seriously delayed (25 min wait), he was helpful in telling us why we were waiting so long and apologised a few times for it.

We started our meal with a couple of delicious crisp warm poppadoms and a rather tasty mango chutney which we munched on while picking our dishes. Word of warning the menu is utterly massive….it is pages and pages of food and more than a little intimidating. It could take you half an hour just to read through it, so I just spotted a couple of things I wanted and went with it.

For my starter I choose the  Macchi Tikka, Tandoori charcoal smoked salmon, marinated coriander, peppercorn, ghram masala and red chillies. The dish arrived with 3 big chunks of soft flakey flavoursome salmon which was served with a little side salad. I loved this starter it was incredibly tasty with just a little bit of heat in the dish.

I chose the Chicken Tikka for my main which came with, rice, side salad and gravy (I didn’t bother with the gravy) When it arrived a huge portion of chicken and rice was present to me, the chicken was cooked perfectly and again just a little heat in the dish. I found the dish really delicious and would highly recommend it.

My favourite part of the dish though was definitely the Nan, are you ready for a bold claim….Best Nan I’ve Ever Had! It was huge, amazingly doughy while still staying light and fluffy. It was coated in sesame oil which really added a gorgeous flavour and a lovely moisture to the bread. Utterly Scrumptious!!

All in all a fantastic indian restaurant that offers all the local favourites which I would recommend to anyone.