Fanny Trollopes

Last weekend I had a hot date with one of my besties and our husbands. After much debating on where to eat my friend suggested Fanny Trollopes…..excellent idea I proclaimed. The booking was subsequently made and I text her to confirm, I get a text back about 30 seconds later which read ‘ Speaking of fannys! I got mixed up with Roastit bubbly Jocks (coz they sound so similar) but never mind, I’ve never been to Fannys so it’s all good’ Doh!! We decided to keep the booking anyway cause it’s on the list and I was looking forward to trying it.

Fanny Trollopes is a bit of a Glasgow institution, located on Argyll Street this restaurant is so small that if you sneezed you’d miss it. The decor I would describe as Bistro Chic, it is fairly inoffensive there are booths for 4 up one side of the room, loose tables up the other wall and some pretty nice art work on the walls. There is a very small bar and you can just see into the kitchen through the back.

Let me get my niggle out the way first…the noise!!! My god the noise! It was like being at a football match on a Saturday afternoon. When we arrived we were the first people seated for dinner but within about 30 minute the small restaurant was full. 2 of the tables were large bookings, one of which was a group of young very pretty girls who were obviously starting their night. Girls nights out are super fun but my goodness these girls were screaming at each other….I know how easily it’s done but it did kind of ruin our night a little. When we got bored trying to lip read what each other was saying we very quickly asked for the bill. At this point the waiter did apologise for the noise and asked if it was out first visit, we replied that indeed it was. He confirmed that Friday & Saturday nights were always that noisy (I put it down partially to the low ceiling) apparently a week night or a Sunday is a much more comfortable evening to go.
The staff were fine enough, they apologised for the couple of issues we had but we did have to ask for the dessert menus after it was clear they weren’t going to appear after 5 minutes. I wouldn’t describe them as super attentive but neither were they bad. They looked harassed during service but were always polite.

The menu changes approximately every two weeks so there is always something new to try. On Saturday I opted to start my meal with confit duck & spring onion hash, truffle oil, pomegranate & capers. This is normally served with a poached duck egg which I asked to leave off the dish they  replaced this with some delicious asparagus instead. My starter was lovely, lots of lovely big chunks of duck in the rosti and the pomegranate added a really lovely sweetness to the dish. It was slightly dry but I understand that is my fault because I asked for it without the poached egg.

For my main I choose the roasted corn-fed chicken supreme with colcannon potatoes, haggis croton, pancetta crisp & chicken reduction. I also ordered a side of honey roasted vegetables. The dish was beautiful, a massive moist piece of perfectly cooked chicken, a nice sized portion of colcannon which had just enough bit to it and the haggis croton (a slice of haggis) was really nice. The honey roasted veg was mostly carrot with a few small piece of parsnip added, it was a great side which complimented my chicken beautifully.

For dessert I went for the scrumptious sounding chocolate hazelnut & peanut butter shortcake, pistachio angles with a coffee syrup. When the dish first arrived it had a long black hair on it…yuck! When I brought this to the waiters attention he immediately took it away and apologised twice, brought a new dessert back within about a minute and gave me the dessert complimentary. It was dealt with absolutely perfectly, these things do happen and it didn’t ruin what was my favourite part of the meal in the slightest. The chocolate hazelnut was a gorgeous thick sexy ganach which topped a beautiful crunchy peanut butter biscuit base this had a similar texture to a cornflake cake which I loved. I’ll be honest I didn’t really pick up the flavours of pistachio or coffee but I really didn’t care because the shortcake was such a hero.

A fantastic meal with good friends but absolutely definitely not for the busy weekend nights I’ll keep my visits strictly to the quieter week nights. Well worth checking out.Fanny Trollopes

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