Naked Soup

If you follow me on Yelp or Twitter you will know that if you are looking for me between the hours of 12 noon and 1pm during the week there is a reasonably good chance you will find me in my favourite lunch spot Naked Soup. I am mildly obsessed with this little cafe come take away and will regularly visit at least twice a week for my nutritious soup fix.
Naked Soup
Naked Soup - counter
Located just off Great Western Road on Kersland Street the vibe here is welcoming, cool and laid back, they mostly supply the good people of the west end with take away, but you can find  a few booths inside and a small seated area outside to eat in if you prefer. This is not really somewhere I would linger for long, not because the staff wouldn’t make you feel welcome but because it is so busy at lunch time I would hate to take up a table for too long.
Naked Soup - interioe
The staff are pleasant and will usually say hello and have a smile for me when I come in but on the whole are normally too busy to engage in more than the briefest of conversations which I don’t mind, like I say they are super busy so I don’t take it too personally. There are a few members of staff who are perhaps a tiny bit on the glum side…but I think this is just their personality so again don’t let this put you off. 🙂
Naked Soup - menu
Food wise as you would expect there are lots of soups on the menu – always on the board is lentil, sweet potato and coconut soup, then usually another 2 options which change around. Some of my personal favourites include – cumin & parsnip, tomato & celery and a chicken & rice (which is hardly ever on but amazing) If you are unsure if you will like a soup just ask them for a little sample to try which they are always happy to give you. Now you may think initially that the soup is a little expensive at £4.20 for a medium carton but this includes a huge chunk of fresh bread and a piece of fruit so in fact is pretty reasonable.Naked Soup - sandwiches
Also on offer is a selection of all day breakfasts my favourites being the square sausage roll which is always awesome and freshly made pancakes which are fantastic, but you do have to wait a wee while for them. There is a beautiful selection of sandwiches, paninis and cakes to tempt you too.
Cakes by naked soup
To top it all off they also make a pretty mean latte…well worth trying when you are next in the west end and looking for some lunch.
Naked Soup - soup