When I was 19/20 I could happily go out drinking and dancing until 3am and still make it into my work for 7am without feeling any effects at all. I was a hard-core party girl but now that I am no longer in my teens (by quite a long way) I seriously struggle with the most horrendous hangovers. I like to put this down to my new love of wine but as Mr Geek likes to continually remind me in a very loud voice when I am feeling slightly fragile that it has nothing to do with the booze and everything to do with my age! Great!! After a brilliant night spent with a great group of foodie friends I woke up with an awful hangover and discovered that I had tweeted drunk selfies that I have no recollection of even taking…woops. What do you need to help with a hangover? Comfort food of course which for me is square sausage rolls which was taken care of thanks for Naked Soup at lunch time followed by pizza for dinner.


I had heard really good things about the pizza at Firebird so we motored along there for an early dinner and hoped and prayed that it could sort me out.

Firebird Interior

Firebird Fire

Firebird is a lovely little community bar located at 1321 Argyll Street, just by Old Dumbarton Road. It has a very relaxed chilled out vibe. The decor is pretty cool with exposed brick walls and a polished paving stone floor (I think) seating wise it  is a mixture of booths and wooden tables & chairs. There are lovely big windows along two sides of the bar so it is flooded with natural light and allows you to watch the world go by. I would say this is a great hangout spot to enjoy a few drinks and a bite to eat with friends.

Firebird Art

The staff were great, fast and friendly and I have absolutely no complaints at all about them.

Firebird Mineral Water

This may sound bizarre but I can’t let the way my mineral water was served go unmentioned. I don’t really drink fizzy juice and normally when I order a water it comes with ice and a slice in the glass. Well Firebird serve it in a ‘Mark Your Own’ style. The large bottle of mineral water arrived in a chiller (brilliant) with 2 empty glasses, a glass with ice and a spoon and a shot glass filled with sliced lemon and toothpicks to spear it and place in your glass. Without doubt the best presented mineral water I’ve ever had.

Firebird Menu

Firebird Pizza options

Menu wise it is designed around their pizzas – since they have a wood burning stove they are completely on the money by making pizzas the star of the show. The also do a few pasta / risotto dishes and a couple of main meals, Mr Geek went for the hanger steak which looked gorgeous but frankly if you are going to Firebird go for the pizza because they are awesome.

Firebird Pizza

Firebird Chips

I went for the Serrano ham, rocket & parmesan pizza with added salami and a side of Red skin chips which are triple cooked. The pizza was a gorgeously tasty thin and crisp base topped with a lovely tomato sauce and lots of toppings. My only very slight niggle with the dish was that it didn’t come pre-cut and it was a bit of a battle to cut it with the steak knife I was supplied with. It didn’t detract from how delicious it was, it just hurt my hungover brain to have to deal with it 🙂 The chips were amazing, thick, flavoursome, crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle and at the bottom of the bowl there were lots of crispy crunchy scrappy bits which I LURVE!

Firebird Crispy chips

After polishing off the pizza and huge bowl of chips there was no way I was able for a dessert but I will definitely be visiting again soon and hope to try them because they sounded very tempting.

Firebird Score Card

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