After moving to Hamilton many moons ago the first place I went for a ‘posh’ dinner in Glasgow was Amarone. I was only in my early 20s and for a long time I rated that first meal there as one of the top meals I had ever had. I lived out in Hamilton and very rarely came into Glasgow so I have only been back a couple of times over the years…mostly with Mr Geeks Sister and her family as they love it there. I feel that since my last visit there over 2 years ago I have moved on in terms of what I find appealing in a menu and food. There are SO many gorgeous places in Glasgow that I was curious to see how it would now compare with my favourite G-Town spots when I visited on Saturday night with Mr Geeks family.

Amarone sign

For those of you who don’t know Amarone is actually part of the DiMaggio group with sister venues in Edinburgh and Aberdeen . Located on Nelson Mandela Square slap bang in the middle of Glasgow city centre it is the ideal location for saturday shoppers.   The vibe is contemporary and dark but it worked. The restaurant is in the basement of the building so it is very dark with just a few small windows (as you can tell from my dodgy pictures) but they play up to this by having lots of dramatic mood lighting and dark furniture. A few side notes was that the restaurant was beyond hot and I thought I was going to pass out! Plus it was quite nosey.

Amarone Interior

With it being a lovely evening on Saturday they had a seated area set up outside where we sat and had a cocktails before dinner which was a great way to start the evening.

Amarone outside

Amarone - Flirtini

We dealt with quite a few members of staff over the course of the evening all of which were great. They were  friendly and helpful. The main waiter who looked after us had me smiling all evening, he was so funny and engaging.

amarone - carpaccio

The menu is quite big and loaded full of pasta and pizza dishes with a large selection of meat and fish dishes to choose from. To start with I chose the Carpaccio Con Rucola –  Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan served with olive oil and lemon. The serving was generous with lots of very finely shaved beef carpaccio and a heap of well dressed rocket leaves. The beef was tender and tasty and went well with the peppery rocket.

amarone focaccia

With our starters we also had a few Focaccia Rosemarino which was delicious. It was crispy in places and doughy in others which is just the way I like it. I could easily have scoff the entire basket myself.

amarone cod

For my main I picked the Meluzzo Con Salsa Verde which is roasted fillet of cod with a mixed Italian herb and garlic salsa on a bed of basil and olive oil mash with a white wine and cream sauce. My favourite part of the dish was the mash which was so good, it was loaded with basil gaving it a gorgeous pesto taste. The cod was light and flaky, this went perfectly with the basil mash which for me was the star of the dish not the fish.

amarone dessert menu

For dessert I have to be honest none of the desserts especially appealed to me. I would normally have the tirimisu in an Italian restaurant but I have vowed to only eat it now at Don Costanzos because it is the best in the city and everything else only leaves me disappointed. In the end I ordered the Tortino di Formaggio a creamy mascarpone honey and ginger cheesecake on a crushed gingernut biscuit base. It was okay but I wasn’t crazy about it – the flavours were there but incredibly subtle. I would describe it more as a vanilla cheesecake with hints of ginger and I couldn’t really taste the honey at all. Having said that it was nice enough it just didn’t float my boat.

amarone cheesecake

I would say that it no longer sits in my ‘Favourite All Time Meals’ category but it was a lovely meal and I would happily go back.



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