On Sunday I went to a gorgeous vintage tea dance organised by the lovely Pamela and her team at Cushion & Cake on Old Dumbarton Cake with the Mr. Geek and the lovely Briony & Graeme from The Glasgow Food Blog. We had a fantastic afternoon eating delicate sandwiches & cakes in my prettiest tea dress. Afterwards Mr. Geek and I were pretty hungry and ended up stopping to try the new smoked menu at Dram. Yes I was completely over dressed to be eating in Dram at 5pm on a Sunday while people were in to watch the football but I didn’t care, it’s the west end for goodness sake anything goes.

Dram located on Woodlands Road is what I like to think of as a hipster local. It’s a traditional pub but it’s quite a polished bar pub rather than an ‘old man’ pub. I drank here quite a bit last summer after we first moved in but when the students came back I stopped visiting because it was like student central. I am pleased however that I now have a full summer ahead of visits. The feel is very much casual and chilled out with a big bar stocked full of cool bears and whiskey. It’s very woody – floor, furniture, bars, walls, you name it’s in a  cool worn wood. There are loads of screens every where to enjoy sports watching – bonus!

The staff were pleasant enough – I got the feeling there was more than one hangover working behind the bar on Sunday afternoon however. No one came to take our order so I had to go to the bar and ask if someone could come and take it – which they did promptly. The guy was nice enough and was very apologetic that they had run out of my choice which was smoked chicken. No biggie however these things happen and I picked something else.

Dram - sauce station

I LOVE that each table now has a sauce serving bar??!! It consisted of hand wipes, toothpicks, different sauces & kitchen roll – genius to go with a smoked meats menu.

Dram - Menu

The menu was completely up my street and quite new to Dram. It’s stocked full of smoked in-house meats, burgers & hot dogs. I would say it’s probably not designed to have a3 course meal, it’s more designed I think to just order some stuff and graze – my style of dining because I am definitely a food grazer.

We went for the 1/2 rack of ribs & pulled pork sharing platter with a side of sweet potato fries & a salad. The sharing platter came with 2 grilled corn on the cobs and a dry coldslaw mix. First let me tell you about the meats – gorgeous!! The pulled pork was soft and flavoursome and the ribs fell of the bone using the back of my fork leaving the bone completely clean, a definitely sign that they had been cooked long & low. The rib was sticky and smokey and just yum!!! The corn & coldslaw mix were a great addition to the platter.

It was a huge serving of  sweet potato fries and more than enough for 2. The side salad I would say is designed for one, it was a simple salad but went lovely with the meats.

Best off all – it was really cheap. I will definitely be back again soon for lunch. It’s cheap & tasty what more could you want.