Kelvingrove Cafe – Revisted

I visited Kelvingrove Cafe again a few week with my family for a spot of lunch and thought I should maybe review it again as their menu has changed pretty drastically in my opinion. On my first visit I remember it being really difficult to pick a main course because of the selection, however since my last visit the menu has been greatly condensed – there is no small  plates section anymore, which could be considered as a starter option. It is strictly main courses and a small selection of desserts. Beware though their website still has the old menu showing. Having looked at the menu I get the feeling that they are definitely striving to be more of a cocktail bar which does delicious bites to snacks on while you drink rather than a fully blown restaurant.

The feel in the bar is still a very cool prohibition chilled out  distressed vibe which I loved on my previous visits and I still love it now.

The service in all honest was incredibly slow. While the waitress was lovely she did seem quite harassed since she seemed to be on by herself for most of a busy lunch service, this lead to a 2 course lunch taking a whopping 1 hour 45 minutes because we had to wait quite a while to order and then have our plates cleared.

Caesar – Kelvingrove Cafe

Food wise as I said the menu for me was pretty small with only a couple of dishes that seriously tempted me, the good news is though they still have the tasty salt beef mac & cheese on the menu. In the end I chose the chicken caesar salad with the dressing on the side and an order of fries. The salad was one of the best I have ever eaten, it was fresh and beautiful with lots of chicken and anchovies, the dressing which I think was made in-house was creamy and felt decadent.  The fries are ‘OMG’ amazing –  and were utterly fantastic.

Cheese – Kelvingrove Cafe

For dessert I went for the George Mews cheese which was delicious and smelly as it comes. The portion was massive and could easily serve 2 or 3 people.

I found the food was just as fantastic as my first visit but the menu choice and slow service did let it down a little for me. It was a lovely meal but clearly the Kelvingrove Cafe wants to be known more for its deliciously tempting cocktails rather than as an amazing eating spot – in my opinion tho there is nothing wrong with that and it makes it an excellent stop on a night out.

I visited Kelvingrove Cafe in November last year and gave them a 9 star review you can see my original review here.

KelvingGrove REvisted