Favorite Glasgow Restaurants of the City's Top Food Bloggers

In this great city of Glasgow there are rumoured to be somewhere in the region of 2000 restaurants. TWO THOUSAND! We suffer an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing where to spend your hard-earned money when dining out. With so many options how can you possibly decided where to eat? I did a little digging around on your behalf and have asked some of cities top bloggers where their favourite food can be found.
Some of these guy’s blogs may be new to you others are Glasgow blogging superstars, without doubt these are my favourite bloggers and reviews in Glasgow. There’s are the opinions that I listen to and the posts that I enjoy reading the most. These guys are clued up and plugged in to whats happening in our  city, so  here is what Glasgow’s Foodinati had to say.

AnanyahBanana Leaf

If I had to pick just one restaurant in Glasgow that I could happily eat in every day of the week, it would be Banana Leaf Malaysian Chinese​ Restaurant located on Cambridge Street. It is by far one of the best Asian restaurants around. I’m rather picky with Malay/Chinese food due to growing up in Singapore and becoming accustomed to good quality authentic food.
I’ve been eating at Banana Leaf regularly for over two years and have never once had a bad experience. The food is always to a high standard and staff are extremely helpful explaining dishes to you that you may not have heard of before. It’s a little known fact that judging an Asian restaurant by its clientèle tells you straight away if it’s any good. It is. The number of Chinese and Malaysian customers prove just how good it is.
My favourite picks?
Roti Canai served with curry sauce
Ku Lou King Prawns (or fish)
Hainanese Chicken Rice (no bones with extra chilli sauce)
Stir Fried Kai Lan with beef slices
Chicken Flavoured Rice
Nasi Lemak
It is definitely a place not to miss!

House of HerbyHouse of HerbyStravaigin

My favourite restaurant in Glasgow has got to be Stravaigin on Gibson Street in the west end. I still have a long way to go in my exploration of the Glasgow food scene, but I can already say that I doubt I’ll find anywhere that will take Stravaigin’s place. I have eaten brunch, lunch and dinner here as well as been in for drinks (not all on one day. The one weekend, yes, but not the one day. I pace myself). There are two main things that attract me to Stravaigin: the physical restaurant and the ingenious food. The staff are fabulous too, but I’m not attracted to them. Sorry.
From the outside, it looks like a plain bar. When you open the door you feel like you’ve walked into a fairytale Scottish bar with tarnished wood and scratched paint, coupled with a gorgeous wood burning fire and random decorations. It is shabby-chic, dark and relaxed, very Scottish and quite romantic.  You can sit downstairs in the more formal dining room, at the bar or the off-bar area which has a mezzanine level. That area is a casual setting, but you experience the exact same, wonderful food. I adore the mezzanine – the fairy light, eclectic ornament filled, attic themed mezzanine. It is adorable – our table was made from an old sewing machine!
What really grabbed my attention when I surveyed the website was their motto ‘think global, eat local’ and the snippets of information about guests being “foodie guinea pigs”. I am always more than happy to be a foodie test-subject! The food is just so interesting – so much so that I often have to google to work out what some elements are! The cuisine palette used to make each dish is amazing. You’re served delicious, fresh, hugely flavoured food which are inspired by cultures across the globe. No matter what I’ve ordered, whether it be Eggs Benedict for brunch or a Seafood Curry for dinner, Stravaigin’s way of cooking, composing and serving it always catches me off guard and impresses me!

Glasgow DragonFlyGlasgow DragonflyThe Gannet

I am extremely fortunate to have had several excuses to engineer my way down to this buzzing Finnieston bar and restaurant since chefs Ivan Stein and Peter McKenna first opened the doors in October 2013. These guys have made a huge splash in the Glasgow food scene in nine months, and quite rightly so. The moment I stepped over the threshold, I fell in love with The Gannet’s paired back, relaxed Scottish-meets-continental vibe. Cracking atmosphere aside, the unique selling point is the versatility and originality injected into The Gannet’s variety of dining options. If you are looking to dine from a stonking a la carte menu that offers a modern Scottish take on classical cooking, making use of only the very finest local ingredients, the mezzanine or back room is the place for you. If you are looking for something more informal that will take you a million miles away from Glasgow’s sea of trendy burger joints, come dine in the bar, where you will find real panache in the selection of smaller plates on offer……or, even just pop in for a drink and linger with friends. Anything goes, and with menus that change with the seasons, the one thing that you can be 100% sure of finding at The Gannet is a consistently superb quality of cooking and a team of cheery, knowledgeable staff (they really do know their wines). So: You, me, Friday night? I can’t wait to find my next excuse to pop in for a bite!

imageJames vs BurgerThe Butchershop

I’d have to go with the Butchershop as my favourite restaurant in Glasgow, simply because I’ve had some of my all-time favourite meals and nights out there. And because, well, the food is incredible.
In my opinion, you won’t find a better steak in Glasgow. And as ‘the burger guy’, I can tell you that the Butchershop’s burgers are pretty special too.
There’s a cool, 1920s New York vibe going on, with rock n’roll undertones. The staff are always super-friendly and I’ve never had anything less than a great experience there.
Their Hogmanay parties are something that needs to be experienced too!

Scotland Eats OutScotland Eats OutCali Bruich

Award winning Cail Bruich has long been our favourite Restaurant in the whole of Glasgow. Situated on 725 Great Western Road Cail Bruich consistently serves food of the highest quality. Using the finest ingredients from the Scottish Larder Cail Bruich serves up Modern Scottish food using French cooking techniques. The dining room is relaxed yet sophisticated and service is always attentive. Be it special occasion or relaxed Sunday lunch Cail Bruich is continually our go to Glasgow restaurant and one we would always recommend.

DSC_2819Olive DragonflyBread Meats Bread

Choosing a favourite restaurant in Glasgow is SO tricky for me!  There is such a wonderful variety and we are truly spoilt with offerings ranging from Korean to really good seafood.  My favourite changes frequently as it really depends what I’m in the mood for.  Lately there has been quite an influx of good burger joints in Glasgow and every time I’ve been to Bread Meats Bread I’ve loved it!  Their beef brisket is my absolute favourite and after a hiatus of about 5 months of not eating out while I was suffering from awful pregnancy sickness, I was excited to return recently and it was just awesome!  Although I was a little gutted to discover they no longer make their yummy pretzel buns, the brioche sub was soft and delicious and topped with plenty of juicy, tender torn pieces of brisket all drizzled with gravy.  The brisket isn’t overly smokey which is perfect for me as you get the full flavour of the beef rather than an overwhelming smoky taste.  It also comes with swiss cheese and rocket which just add to the flavour – it’s so filling yet you just want to gobble the whole massive thing down!  Service is always very friendly and I love their caramelised sweet potato fries but only as a dessert as they really are super sweet!  The poutine is delicious too, I tried it with pork the first time I went but it’s a meal in itself so I usually go for the brisket!

BrionyBriony – Yelp Glasgow Community Manager

My all-time #1 comfort food is Japanese food – and I’m so glad there’s a good selection here in Glasgow! Here’s my pick of where to get your Japanese fix.

Nanakusa, 441 Sauchiehall Street

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve dined here, or the number of dishes I’ve tried. From takoyaki (octopus balls), to bento boxes and super fresh sashimi, they cater to all Japanese tastes and have a good range of dishes for the less adventurous eaters. A bento box is a great way to sample a number of different delicacies.

Wudon, 535 Great Western Road

What I love about Wudon’s Japanese offerings is their wee plates selection – there’s no need to commit yourself to one main dish, and instead you can try 2-3. My favourite dishes are the scallops with garlic, soy & coriander served on the shell (Heung Dai Gee), parcels filled with tender chicken, potato & onions in a mild curry sauce (Ga Lay Kwok) and the sake sashimi.

SeeWoo, 29 Saracen Street

This is the place to shop in Glasgow for all your Japanese ingredients as they have a great selection of those unusual things you can’t pick up at the shops. Kewpie mayonnaise, bonito flakes and Japanese curry sauce are all great additions to your cupboard to give an Asian twist to your meals. They also stock bamboo steamers which are great if you’re looking to cook a little healthier.

The Weegie Kitchen LogoThe Weegie KitchenThe Dhabba

Selecting my favourite Weegie restaurant is like having to pick your favourite child. Now I don’t have kids but I can imagine if I did it would be pretty hard. Unless of course 1 of those kids didn’t like Star Wars in which case it would be easy. I digress but it did feel like no matter which restaurant I chose another would pop up shouting ‘pick me, pick me!’ Please don’t confuse this with indecisiveness it really only reflects the wealth of options our fab wee city has to offer for eating out.
In the end The Dhabba, with its authentic North Indian cuisine, won the title. What makes this particular restaurant stand out amongst its counterparts was a combination of 3 factors: The kick ass food, The super friendly & helpful staff and The chillaxed environment.

Girl around glasgowGirl Around Glasgow La Lanterna

This place holds lots of good memories for me, from family meals to romantic meals planning our honeymoon. I love their old style Italian decor & the staff are so friendly. They make their own ravioli & it is amazing! The wine list is proficient to say the least & goes perfectly with one of their steaks. We tend to round off the meal with tiramisu or cheesecake along with some dessert wine. There’s nothing in Glasgow I like to do more than sit in La Lanterna for a couple of hours with a good bottle of red sampling all the delicious food.

IMG_3420Hungry Squirells – Number 16

My favourite restaurant in Glasgow… now that’s a toughie! There are so many great places to choose from in Glasgow, but I have to say No 16 on Byres Road, as it has been a favourite since I moved back to Glasgow 8 years ago!! Over the last 8 years, I have celebrated birthdays, engagements, and enjoyed some romantic nights out with my other half at No 16, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Why do I love it?
First, and foremost… the food. The menu changes regularly, and showcases modern Scottish cooking. There are usually 5 or 6 starters and 5 or 6 main courses to choose from, with a great selection to make your mouth water! I have never been disappointed with my choice of meal at No 16, and one of the standout dishes I ever had here was a cream of white onion soup starter. Seriously, my mouth waters just thinking about the intense flavour hit that this dish provided. I have never had a soup so tasty! Every course is well thought out, well presented, and well-balanced with flavour and texture.
Secondly, I love the cosiness of No 16. It is a fairly small space, though with ample seating spilt over 2 levels. For me, No 16 provides a warm, inviting, and intimate atmosphere to enjoy your meal in.
I haven’t been to No 16 in over a year now, Motherhood certainly curbs the opportunities to dine out. I feel I am overdue a visit, as writing this synopsis is making me yearn for a date night to No 16 with Mr Hungry Squirrel!
Want to here my favourite restaurant too?
Nics Deli Doughnut

MeThe Richmond

I’m sure it comes as no great shock to my twitter followers that my favourite restaurant in the city is The Richmond. Since the first moment I walked into the 20’s inspired bar come restaurant over a year ago on a warm summer day it was instant love. The food is fantastic for brunch, lunch and dinner – From the large and tasty a la carte menu such delights as the best mac & cheese in Glasgow (as declared by me) a lovely pulled pork and chorizo salad, or a very nice plate of real scampi & skin on chips awaits you.
I eat here with disturbing regularity (I have now been limited to only 1 visit here a week) and never once has the food let me down. Everything about the place makes me feel at home.

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