Commonwealth Games Eve

Over the next few weeks my blog will have a definite Commonwealth games feel and I hope you will indulge me for this sort space of time. Every day I have tickets to at least 1 session of sport and I would really love to share this wonderful experience with you.

I still remember where I was when I found out Glasgow had won the right to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games. I was at my work (which was working with the bid team) so we had quite a large vested interest in the bid. We all filed into the large conference room and the buzz started – ‘surely we’re not going to win’…. ‘nah! we’re just not that lucky’….. ‘it’ll be the other guys’  but isn’t that the Scottish way – to err on the side of caution, to play it cool while deep inside your chanting – let it be us…let it be us… the name of god LET IT BE USSSSSSS!!!

Bring It on!

So we all gathered round the large TV screen waiting with bated breath, then the guy stepped up to the microphone…this was it, here it comes. The host city for the Commonwealth Games 2014 is……he pauses, cause there is always a pause  and inside you’re screaming ‘IN THE NAME OF GOD MAN HURRY UP…….LET IS BE US!’ We hold our breaths, the world falls silent,you can feel your heart beating and still your inner monologue continues, Glasgow, Glasgow, GLASGOW. The guy is talking again and first G in Glasgow is sounded – we look at each other for a split second then we lost our minds, there is screaming and jumping and even the odd hugging of work colleagues.

10 minutes later and we’re all back at work, because after the buzz has died down which happens pretty quickly we have 7 years…yes SEVEN years to kick our heals and wait for it to happen.

2014-07-08 14.50.44

Well that wait is over and I am bursting with excitement, I have felt it building for the last 6 months. We’ve bid for tickets, watched the queens baton travel the world eagerly anticipating its arrival back home and we’ve seen the merchandise shops pop up. We’ve watched as colourful bunting appear all over the city, the Clydesiders march proudly round the city in their smart red uniforms and lastly enjoyed the excited faces of the athletes appear through the doors of Glasgow Airport a little bit stunned at the super friendly welcome. In short the city is awash with good feeling and happy smiley proud faces.

Games Schwag

Are there issues and unhappy people – of course there are but you won’t find any of that anti games sentiment here I am afraid. I feel sorry for the guys that are having trouble and issues with the games because this truly is something wonderful, and here it is happening right on our doorstep. To me it feel like Glasgow for this small fragment of time is the center of the planet.

So here I am the night before the games and I can barely sit still, an 11 day spectacular of sport a decade in the making. 7 years we’ve waited and dreamed of what this could bring to our city and it’s here…right now! So I say embrace the madness Glasgow, love it and enjoy it because it’s unlikely you’ll ever see anything else like this in your city in your life time.

I am 100% pure giddy with excitement and I am only getting worse – I have Games Fever and I am loving it.


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