Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

This post started out with me planning to tell you about my first few days at the games, but I had to change it to just covering the opening ceremony because there were so many great things that I wanted to tell you all about. So here is my thoughts about the opening ceremony.
The city is buzzing  and I am having the best time. For those of you who follow me on twitter you will know I am totally embracing the city and all it has to offer. In the last few days I have discovered  that I am completely and utterly unashamedly in love with this city….my city!
Opening Ceremony - The Time is Now
This week saw me take in the Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games at Parkhead and it was brilliant. My excitement at actually being at the opening ceremony was ridiculous, I had been running a count down in my head for days. I woke up super early on the morning and was pacing like a caged animal all day just waiting to get ready to leave.
The walk to Parkhead was great, everyone was in high spirits and you could feel the excitement in the air…it just felt electric. The fact that we’d had a gorgeous sunny day definitely helped with everyone’s moods.
Before the ceremony started we had a brilliant warm up from Glasgow boy Des Clark who was the perfect choice, he was brilliantly quick with a few of the mishaps with the audience and had everyone laughing. We also got a few exclusive performances from a brilliant drum and pipes band (sorry I didn’t catch their name) and local band Esperanza who got the crowd bopping along.
Opening Ceremony - exciting
During the ceremony it’s self we had dancing tunnocks tea cakes, gay weddings, nessie, absolutely wonderful dancing from the volunteers, Giant Kilts, James McAvoy nearly in tears he was so proud, £3.1 million raised for UNICEF by putting children first and Chris Hoy proving he truly is superman by opening the Queens Baton. What A Night!
The athletes parade was wonderfully colourful and so exciting to see these guys just pleased as punch to be there. We had the best time with each country being welcomed in by the crowd shouting Come on in (name of country) it was such a  lovely touch to the friendly games from the friendliest city in the world. And the dogs!!!! Need I say anymore…stars of the show.
Opening Ceremony - parade
It wasn’t properly explained on TV but when the crowd in the stadium started to turn on little lights in the stadium there was a reason for this. Priory to the ceremony starting the guys from UNICEF asked that after we had pledged our £5 via text to turn on the light on our mobile phone and hold it up. It’s a shame that it wasn’t explained because it is a lovely thing and looked really magical in the stadium.
Opening Ceremony - freedom
There were more than a few watery eyed moments from me – The crowd spontaneously singing along to Loch Lomond with Nicola Benedetti, the video of Amy McDonald and the people of Glasgow singing Rhythm of My Heart in George Square, James McAvoy declaring that he had never been prouder to be one of the City’s sons, Gordon Matheson so proud of his city that he declared to the world ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ whether you were watching the ceremony of TV or not, the genuine huge cheer that Team England got from the whole crowd (myself included). However, that all pales into comparison to the moment that Team Scotland was announced into the stadium – what a moment it gives me goosebumps even now thinking about the noise….it’s a moment that I will never forget.
Of course there were moaners and naysayers and I say to them BOOOOOOO. John Barrowmans tongue in cheek opening number came under the worst of the unnecessary criticisms. I think anyone who didn’t get that they were trying to be funny, super camp and über twee their moans say more about them than it did about the production. But isn’t it so cool to think stuff like this is embarrassing and awful – I say who wants to be cool when you can be happy and enjoy instead! 🙂
An unforgettable night – well done Glasgow 2014 I will tell my children proudly that I was there!

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  • hungrysquirrels
    28th July 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Am completely with you. I loved it all!
    Yes, JB section was a little “uncool”, but so what! It’s good to just embrace the moment to have fun, and not try so hard to be different or “cool” all the time. It was clearly tongue in cheek, and not meant to be taken too seriously!
    Well done to all involved! x

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