Commonwealth Games – Days 4-7

Day 4: We were some of the lucky few who got to experience the first session of athletics at Hampden on a very chilly Sunday Afternoon. I was super happy as along with the Swimming on day 2 this was the only event my Dad was going to and I always really enjoying going to sports events with him.

First thing first – the queue to get in was massive as there was only one giant security check point, it took us about 30 minutes to get in, but hey these are huge sports events with 40,000 people attending I don’t mind a wee wait. It did mean however that once you were in the stadium unless your seats were on the Rutherglen side of the stadium you have to schlep the whole way round the stadium. Lucky our seats (which were fantastic) were in the main stand on the right hand side.

Food wise we were treated to a Pie & Mash stand, however much to my disgust they didn’t have the steak and haggis pies ready….what? have the 40,000 people  arriving on time caught you off guard? I was not a happy bunny! The Chicken pie however was delicious and I was more than happy with it once I bite into it.

We saw the men’s & women’s 100m heats – boy these guys can move! We also saw the 5000m mens race which unfortunately did feature Mo Farah, hmmmm not convinced he was ever going to race. Interestingly Hampden is much better as an athletics venue that it ever has been as a football stadium, which it is rubbish for. Great fun session with unfortunately very little Scottish interest except in the 5000m & the ladies hammer heats. Left me really excited for my next session on Thursday to see Eilidh Childs 400m hurdles Finals.

Day 5: I was supposed to be at the athletics session in the morning but we were SO tired after being on the go non-stop for the last 5 days that we decided to have a day at home resting, which was badly needed. We did in the evening pop to Ubiquitous Chip for dinner with some family who were visiting from Manchester for the games. We had the most amazing meal as always at the Chip – after a week of food truck goodies and eating on our feet it was really lovely to sit down and enjoy some incredible plates of food.

I now feel refreshed and ready to hit the home stretch towards Sundays closing ceremony. #BringItOn

Day 6: Raring to go again this afternoon we headed back down to the armadillo for another bout of women’s weightlifting. This time it was the 75kg ladies on show and man these are some seriously strong women. The winner lifted a whopping 110kg in her first lift and 140KG in her second giving her a new combined Games Record of 250kg…crazy stuff!
In the evening I met a couple of my favourite bloggers – Glasgow Dragonfly and Yelp Goddess Briony for a gorgeous bite to eat in The Drake. In 4 hours the lovely Glasgow DF and I drunk 2 bottles of rose. It is fair to say when I staggered in at 10.30pm my dog wanted nothing to do with me and my 19 year old nephew who was staying over thought it was equally hilarious and mortifying the complete nonsense I was talking. Sore heads tomorrow I expect.

Day 7: Yip Sore head in full flow. Unfortunately I have a double session today but thankfully the first session didn’t start until 4.30pm…thank god! Our first session was wrestling. Now I have to be honest I bought these tickets by accident but thought hey we’ll give it a go. My only experience of wrestling prior to today was in primary school when everyone was obsessed with WWF. Well this was nothing like that – first off there was no crazy names like The undertaker or Papashango, there was no slightly bizarre costumes and make up and there wasn’t a dodgy highlighted mullet insight….all in all a big disappointment.
It is a REALLY odd sport with lots of grabbing people between the legs, putting your head uncomfortably close to areas that don’t really seem very polite. I wasn’t really that into it.
After we sat for about an hour we decided that was enough and crossed over to the Hydro. Once inside  I bought from the Hydro’s regular concession the most horrendous burger I have ever eaten. It was gross I will never ever buy food from there again by far the worse thing I have eaten at the games venues.
The Gymnastics was great fun to watch but we only stayed to watch the first round, we were lucky enough though to see  2 Scottish girls perform who were both wonderful and could do some very impressive things. It was lovely to watch but after and hour of wrestling and two hours of gymnastics I was ready to get home to rest.
On the way we stopped by the BBC at the Quay for some absolutely amazing mac and cheese and a wee cheeky glass of a rather delicious champagne, while shoving my mac down my neck Dan Walker (who Mr Geek assures me is someone famous) kept buzzing around me with a BBC camera so god only know who was subjected to me scoffing my dinner like a woman possessed.


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  • glasgowdragonfly
    31st July 2014 at 7:50 pm

    Haha – thanks for the mention! 😉 great night had ladies – and loving your games commentary P – a sport in itself from the sounds! X

    • Glasgow Food Geek
      31st July 2014 at 9:16 pm

      No Problem… I think I am nearly recovered & looking forward to our next jaunt to the Drake 😛

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