Commonwealth Games – Days 8-11

Day 8: We were supposed to spend the morning at the Table Tennis and the evening at Hampden for Athletics but woke up this morning and just couldn’t face it. Even though we are having the best time, this week is kicking our butt. I gave our Athletics tickets to my neighbour who in all honesty I think had a better time and was more excited than I could ever be. I was gutted not to be in the stadium for Eilidh Childs Silver medal because for me this was one of the big moments I was looking forward to, but I just didn’t have it in me. I was more than pleased tho to sit at home shouting at the TV and has a wee watery eye as she was doing her lap of honour.
Today I had a major chill and a lovely lunch at the Richmond. In the afternoon I recorded my first ever video review, you guys can check it out here.

Day 9: In preparation for today I had been monitoring the weather all week as today was Lawnbowls day, meaning we had to spend the whole day outside. In true Glasgow style we had come prepared for the day with big hoodies and waterproofs in keeping with the projected weather reports, instead we found ourselves sitting in the beating sun sweating….great!  This was one of the most uncomfortable venues to be in, there wasn’t nearly enough leg room for anyone over about 5’4” so by the half way point my knees were in complete agony. All in all a pretty uncomfortable day, and Mr Geek has now got some serious sunburn.
The crowd at the Bowls were an odd bunch, as you would expect there was definitely a more mature feel to the audience, but that wasn’t the issue. All the spectators appeared to belong to bowls clubs so we got a running commentary from every direction about why players had played the wrong shot, what shoot they would have played, how they should have been in the team. This resulted in lots of eye rolling from me. To top it off we were seated beside some kind of Bowls groupie, she was screaming for Tattie (one of the Scottish bowlers) the same way that I would scream for James McAvoy or Robert Pattinson…it made for a very long afternoon.
On a positive note the Scottish team beat England to take the gold medal…that is now 2 rousing performances of Flower of Scotland I’ve been involved in this week.
In the evening I got together with blogging rockstar House of Herby for a celebratory dinner and drink to toast out success at being nominated for a Cosmo Blogger Award. We had a great night in The Drake having some delicious food and putting the worlds to right over a bottle of wine.

Day 10: Today is our last ticketed sports event which makes me both sad and happy. I feel like I have been competing in some kind of games myself this past 10 days. I have that feeling that I am looking forward to it ending but next week I am going to be so sad it’s over.
We were back at the Hydro today for the Boxing finals, I will be honest I am not really a huge boxing fan. I never really understood the idea of cheering someone on to beat someone else up and after today I still feel that way. 🙂 I only got the tickets because I really like Nicola Adams and wanted to go along and see her. We had fantastic ringside seats and I enjoyed my afternoon enough, but I just really don’t get it.
I was really excited to see Nicola Adams be crowned with her gold medal, and it was fantastic to see 2 more Scottish Gold medals awarded to Charlie Flynn & Josh Taylor. It seems fitting that the last medal I will see presented at Glasgow 2014 is to a member of Team Scotland

Day 11: Living out in the west end the Road Race was a day I was really looking forward to as I could go out and watch the games literally at the end of my street. I was up and out on the course before 9am cheering the ladies on, impressive I know! We moved quite a bit around the course and cheered on Katie Archibald from lots of different vantage points around Kelvingrove Park and Park Circus. I was in constance communication with my Dad who was on the look out for me on the course. He spotted me a few times due to the course being a little quite at that time of the morning,  plus I had on my super bright pink Commonwealth Games hoodie so I was easy for him to spot. We  decided to head home so we could watch the last lap on TV, it turns out this was a great decision as the rain started just as we were headed home.
After seeing the ladies finish we headed along to The Richmond for some brunch. We had a delicious brunch with my nephew and his girlfriend before headed back out on to the course to watch the mens race. We saw the men pass once before the skies opened and the driving rain was pouring down, utterly drenching us. We watched one more lap then had to head back to the flat to watch on TV and dry off. It’s such a shame to miss most of their race but I just couldn’t take my squelching shoes any longer.
We spent a few hours at home to dry off before heading back out into Glasgow to watch the closing ceremony at Hampden Park.

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