The first time I walked into Roast on Old Dumbarton Road looking for a coffee I was pretty surprised to find inside a little take away gem. From the outside I had given it very little though when I had passed by, thinking that it looked like quite a cool take away coffee spot. Little did I know they were hiding a little foodie wonderland in there.
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The inside of Roast is fairly cool but basic, there is a bar with some high stools if you fancied sitting in to eat your food or like me to perch on while you’re waiting. The wall covering along the length of one wall is a print of giant newspapers which just really tickled me. For me this is not a place to loiter, I would maybe sit with a coffee if it was raining but I prefer to take away from here…nothing wrong with that style of cafe tho.
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They have a brilliant selection of dishes here…I am going to talk a little about their breakfast menu here first. I have tried a few of these in the past and they were delicious. I seriously recommend trying the Roast Croque which is made up of a french toast sandwich stuffed full of cured ham, port salut cheese & Dijon mustard….epic right? This is one of my absolute favourite take away dishes in Glasgow and at just £4 it is a bargain, If you visit this is a ‘must try’ dish. Also worthy of a mention is their morning meat stacker, a sandwhich bursting with bacon, sausage, black pud, potato scone and fried egg. No explanation needed why this is one of my favs.
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On to the lunch menu, they have all the various cold sandwhich options which you would expect – tuna, chicken, ham etc. Where they really stand out tho is their selection of hot rolls – pulled pork with BBQ sauce & slaw, 100% steak beefburger with burger sauce & salad, Cheesesteak ciabatta…and lots more seriously tempting options.
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Today I opted tho for the slow-cooked shredded brisket with rocket, it normally also has garlic mushrooms but I hate mushrooms so I asked for mine without. When I got home and got the roll unwrapped I couldn’t wait to dive in (once I had snapped it from a million different angles, naturally!) The large roll was loaded with delicious soft moist brisket, which tasted beautiful. The roll was just at the right point of going slightly gooey from the brisket juices soaking in to it. I will definitely be back for this again soon it was scrumptious.
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I also got to try a bit of Mr G’s Cheesesteak – it was huge and so good. The cheese was perfectly balanced with the delicious tender steak. This would also come on my highly recommended list.
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As you would imagine they also make a pretty decent cup of java and every time I have had a coffee from here it as been bitter and well brewed and one of my favourite lattes in the west end.
Next time you are in the area definitely pop in and try these guys they are fantastic.

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