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Like most Sunday nights last weekend found me completely lacking in dinner ideas, after a busy weekend looking at tiles, baths and kitchen layouts I was mentally exhausted. As always my first port of call in such a mood is to hit JustEat to see what takes my fancy. I was in the mood for some Indian and decided to get some delicious food from India Quay. I have never eaten in at India Quay but I have heard wonderful things about the food, the take aways I have had from there previously have always been fantastic so I am always happy to order from here.
There are quite a few things on the menu that I love from here the Tandoori Salmon is a huge favourite of mine as is the Chicken Patia. It is a menu bursting with great options and tasty dishes. I really enjoy Indian starters so often I will order a couple of starters rather than a curry. Last Sunday I choose to order Chicken Pakora, Chicken Puri, Chips and a Paratha. Oddly I almost didn’t order the Paratha but becuase it took the order over £25 I got 20% discount, so it saved me money to get it – result!
I placed my order and eagerly awaited it’s delivery, I waited and waited and waited. Eventually 20 minutes after the suggested delivery time on JustEat I decided to give them a call to see how much longer it would be. I was told by the guy that he was really sorry but that there had been an issue with the order. They had not received the order until 5 minutes before our estimated delivery time due to a mix up at JustEats end…arrggghhh! He told me that the order was currently being cooked and that a driver was sitting waiting, so it should be with me in 10 minutes. He was very apologetic so I couldn’t really fault them and accept that these things sometimes happen.
2014-08-24 20.58.58
True to their word the order arrived within the 10 minutes along with 2 bottles of Cobra beer to apologise for the delay…outstanding customer service as I didn’t really make a big deal on the phone about the delay.
2014-08-24 18.24.17
2014-08-24 18.24.45
The food was brilliant. The pakora was sensational large pieces of juicy chicken breast cooked in a lightly spiced pakora batter, and the portion was huge. The Puri was so good, it was again a really big serving, the chapatti was light and tasty and it was stuffed full of super tasty chicken in a sweet and sour sauce. The chips were great for frozen chips and the paratha was perhaps just a little drier than I like mine normally but it was still lovely. All this including a curry dish & a naan came to just over £20 once the discount was give – brilliant value.
2014-08-24 18.25.30
2014-08-24 18.26.55
Excellent value, I will definitely be back soon for more take away and I have vowed that I am going to visit the restaurant soon to eat in.
Indai Quay

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  • hungrysquirrels
    9th September 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Yum! My mouth is watering – looks delicious! Miss good Indian takeaways since moving out of Glasgow! x

    • Glasgow Food Geek
      11th September 2014 at 11:11 am

      It was delicious Ali, Can’t wait to sit in to try it out soon.

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