Mother India

After what can only be described as a horrendous start to my day a few weeks ago (read what happened here) I was feeling beyond sorry for myself all day, and by the time evening came the thought of standing and cooking something was far from my mind. It was decided that myself and Mr Geek would have a pot luck eat out dinner…We were just going to head down to Finnieston and see who could fit us in. At 7pm on a Friday payday this felt like we were really living life on the edge, and the serious prospect of ending up in McDonalds was a real possibility.
However we hit the jackpot on our first stop – Mother India welcomed us with open arms as long as we could have the table back to them by 9pm…Deal!

Mother India is located on Westminster Terrace and has recently undergone a bit of a make over on the outside and it is looking very spiffy. We were seated in the area just off the main door which was a lovely cosy little area. One of my favourite things about some restaurant in this area is the original features you find in many of them – Mother India has such features, pretty cornicing and ceiling roses decorated the area we were located. They have chosen to compliment this really well with beautiful wood paneling and covered the walls with framed vintage pictures which I loved.

I did however have a couple of small issue with the atmosphere – the music was played at a REALLY low-level, so low that it was more like white noise, which meant that if you stopped talking to your dining partners you could very easily over hear what was being said in the tables next to you because they were really close together. It wouldn’t put me off going back at all…but worth mentioning in my opinion.
2014-08-29 19.33.15
The staff were fine…no really major compliments or negatives. The were pleasant, took our orders, brought me food with a smile and asked how it was…no more real comment than that.

The menu was really lovely looking and I could have just about eaten anything from it because it was so tempting. In the end I opted to try the Ginger Crab and Prawn Dosa, which is prawns and crab meat cooked in ginger pickle and served in a lentil rice pancake. The starters arrived really fast (5 minuets max) and it was so good. The stuffing was delicious and so tasty, the pancake was light and well cooked and excellent start to the meal.

For my main I decided to try the Salmon with Popadom Crust which was described as salmon baked and served with tamarind chickpeas and mangoes. With this I decided to order some basmati rice and a paratha. As our starter came so fast we had about a 30 minute wait for our mains which at the time felt like it was taking forever as we were so hungry. My dish when it arrived was lovely but threw me a little. The salmon came as described with chickpeas and mango but it also came with a potato salad and a small portion of peas, carrots and sweed (I think). It isn’t that it wasn’t tasty and bizarrely it did kind of all work together it just seemed an odd combo at the time. Like I said tho it was all utterly delicious the mango was lovely and light with the salmon, and the chickpeas were so flavoursome and perfectly cooked. I hardly touched the rice as I had so much food on my plate but it was nice enough. The parath was pretty nice.

Great food and a lovely meal, I will definitely be back soon to try some more of this lovely menu.


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