Bar Bloc

Honestly it was a complete bitch of a week for me last week, and I for one am happy it’s finished and a new week has begun. In order to revive my spirits and frankly drink quite a bit of wine Mr Geek & myself made our way along to Bar Bloc on Bath St with some lovely Yelpers to get our burger on, and  what a burger it was!!
2014-09-21 12.19.51
Bar Bloc is what can only be described as a grungy hipsters paradise. When I walked in I felt like I raised the average age by about 5 years. The vibe is one of cool dive bar – the ceilings are low, the tables are all beat up and scuffed and the noise levels are high. We were meeting at 6.30pm and Yelp community manager Briony very wisely booked a table for us. When we walked in the place was jumping. Every table was full and the bar was packed – it’s always a good sign I think when a bar is mobbed so early.
2014-09-19 18.24.21
The staff were friendly and nice enough. They were quick to take our order & bring food and drinks, what more can you ask of staff on a busy friday night?
2014-09-19 18.24.43
The menu was…..interesting??!! They describe the menu as Classy Street Trash. It’s slightly weird but in the best way, consisting of Burgers and Hot Dogs mostly with a few other dishes thrown in – bagels, nachos..etc.
2014-09-19 18.28.48
There is no starter section so we dove right in to mains and after having a quick scan I decided with the guidance of Briony to try the Durty Burger. Yes Durty, that’s not a typo. It’s described as – Grilled 6oz beef patty topped with Smiths bacon fries, trailer trash cheese, homemade burger relish, sweet pickles and our Durty burger gravy. Being honest I had no idea what to expect but reckoned the lovely Briony would never lead me astray.
2014-09-20 15.40.19
When it arrived it was big, sloppy and messy, and looked freakin awesome!! My hairband immediately came out and my hair was tired back….this was about to get messy and I meant business. With my hair tied back I was now ready for battle – Man vs Food style.
The burger was delicious and easily in my top 3 burgers in Glasgow. The patty was big and juicy and as odd as the toppings sound they just worked. The gravy which poured down onto my delicious fries was so tasty and the burger held together really well. Epic burger.
I’m also reliably informed by Mr G that the Hot Dog was outstanding and the best he’d had in a restaurant in the city.
2014-09-21 12.20.09I was the only one at the table to order dessert, but as soon as I saw the Peanut Bomb I knew I had to try it. I have a serious love affair with all things Peanut Butter. The dessert was described as – Melted Reeses peanut butter cupcakes, layered with homemade salted Caramel, vanilla scented mascarpone and broken, sweet biscuit. Only one word can describe it – WOW!! The cake layers were moist and just amazing, the salted caramel was perfection and the mascarpone was insanely good. Well up there now with my top 5 desserts in the city.
Fantastic wee dive bar serving brilliant food and an awesome relaxed vibe, I’ll definitely be back soon.
Bar Bloc