Last Sunday night I had an amazing evening at a wonderful Yelp event at Alston Bar and Beef to celebrate the brilliant Doors Open weekend in Glasgow. After one of these nights a few of us almost always end up going for food, and last Sunday was no different.We wandered the streets of Glasgow for a few minutes looking for some place to take pity on us at 9.30pm on a Sunday and feed us. Luckily we didn’t have to wander for long before we found ourselves at Opium on Hope Street who were they thankfully were still serving.

Inside opium is quite dark and moody which is clearly the vibe they are going for. It’s all black wooden furniture, dark brown walls, cool feature wallpaper, and there is a super funky light in the middle of the restaurant which I loved. There are lovely big windows looking out on to Hope Street for people watching and I would imagine letting in lots of natural light during the day. A lovely place to enjoy a meal with friends.

When were walked in it wasn’t jumping but there were 3 other tables occupied – on a sunday night at 9.30pm, I thought was a pretty good sign  that the food would be delicious.

The staff were attentive and fast with both taking orders and bringing our drinks and food. I wouldn’t say they were friendly but they weren’t rude either, I’d describe them as perfectly pleasant.

The menu is extremely tempting. If you are looking for a traditional Scottish style Chinese menu this is probably not the place for you. It consisted of a brilliant selection of both steamed and fried Dim Sum and a great selection of soups. There is a good selection of main dishes to pick from too. As we had nibbled lots of tasty canapes at Alston we decided just to go straight to the mains.

While we were waiting for our mains tho we did order a side of Prawn Crackers to munch on, these arrived at the table really quickly. I’ve never tried a prawn cracker like this before, it was quite crunchy, more like a crisp than what I expected. It was really tasty  and I enjoyed them with the sweet chilli dipping sauce.

I ordered the Pomegranate Sweet & Sour Chicken which is described as deep crispy-fried chicken coated in a thin batter & served with pineapple & mixed peppers in a zingy sweet & sour sauce topped with pomegranate seeds and a side of Fried Rice. The dish was really nice, the sauce was gorgeous and sticky and the pomegranate really did come through in the sauce. It was presented with a selection of vegetable which went beautifully with the chicken and the sauce.


I hardly ever eat in chinese restaurants for some reason, I don’t know why because I always enjoy it, it does mean though that my chopstick action is pretty rusty. I did muddle through with them tho, but some work definitely needs done to bring my mad skillz back up to scratch.

This is a lovely wee restaurant and based on the dish that I had I will be back soon.