BBC Good Food Show 2014

Phew! What a day! I am going to do my best to keep this posts short and to the point because honestly I could rave about the show for a good 3000 words and still not of said everything I wanted to.
2014-10-17 10.57.47
When I was asked to be an official blogger for the BBC Good Food Show in Scotland I knew it was going to be a fun day but when I was sent through this week an itinerary for our day there was literally a squeal of delight…..there may of been a photo-op with a certain Master Baker – EEEEEKKKK!
Mary and Paul Photo call
Lets start off with our visit to the press photo call for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood which was so exciting. After this we then got to watch their Masterclass in the Kenwood Supertheather…I’ll be honest I can’t even remember what they cooked because I was so excited. I know there was a Mary Berry Chicken Bake followed my Lemon Posset and pistachio Shortbread, I think!? I did feel like a bit of a groupie / VIP as they were out of seats so we got to stand alongside the edge of the seated area and whoop and holler like the fan girls that we are. I did laugh at the picture which popped up on @Farmgirlcooks twitter ….we got papped. 🙂
Mary and Paul Masterclass
2014-10-17 18.57.59
I spent the day hanging out with House of Herby (who was just as excited as me at this point) Ananyah who was swooning that PH was using Pistachio (a firm favourite of hers) and Mr Geek who frankly was an utter trooper, he was rancid with the cold and still came to carry my bags…legend.
2014-10-17 19.45.51
After this we were released into the wild to go forth and shop! Right now for the bit you really want to hear about if you are visiting the Show this weekend – which stands should you be hitting?? I spent a whopping amount of cash so I think there are so many stalls you should be visiting. Here are a few of my favourites.
2014-10-17 17.56.33
Naturally Ochil Fudge who frankly are my girls, best fudge in the land and there stand is brimming with every flavour imaginable.
The Brownie Bar Stall who have an amazing selection of Brownies, brownie bombs and corkers…what is a corker? it is a brownie stuff cookie!! I know, it blew my mind too and tasted divine.
2014-10-17 13.21.31
Whisky & Spice who do a brilliant selection of whisky sauces. I bought a pack of 4 and can’t wait to give them a try, a real stand out for me though was the Scotch Whiskey Butterscotch which I going to have to lash on next time I have some ice cream. YUM!
Thunder Vodka I finally got my hands on a giant bottle of this sweet caramel tasting nectar…it is currently in my freezer chilling to enjoy tomorrow night.
GFS14 salmon
Dunkeld Salmon where I bought beautiful salmon Pate (the packet may not last the night!) and whisky cured smoked salmon. These guys do a beautiful range of  smoked salmon which was incredible.
The Mill House Roast Company who do a delicious range of roasts on rolls. I opted to try the turkey and stuffing which was tasty tender and so moist. Well worth checking out these guys, their roast beef looked insanely good too. Worth noting that Mr G dropped half his roll (he was seriously ill) and without us asking they gave him another one…outstanding service, I was very impressed.
The K9 foodies weren’t left out either – I paid a visit to the wonderful The Dog House Bakery and picked up some treats that my boys absolutely love. They do a full range of great healthy treats for your pups, they sound so tempting I am kind of jealous of my dogs. lol
Heck Sausages, these guys make crazy good sausages which I have had before so I made a bee line straight for them to get some of there lovely chorizo sausages.
GFS14 sauce queen
The Sauce Queen have a fantastic selection of sauces, I could have taken all of them but I was running seriously low on cash by this point so had to be contented with the Mushroom sauce and the Stilon and wine and the temptress on the stall talked me into taking an amazing toffee sauce too. However once I tried it she didn’t have to twist my arm too much 🙂
2014-10-17 14.09.57
GFS14 goodies
These are just a tiny selection of the stalls which I visited and enjoyed please please also look out for Plan Bee who do beautiful honey, demijohn for vinegar and liquors, Hebridean Sea Salt for their smoked sea salt, Coole Swan for gorgeous booze, Biscuit Butter who make an incredible nutella style spread but biscuit….amazing! fresh herbs from Helen’s Herbs,  lastly another one to look out for is the New Zealand Booze on the Black Dog Wine Agency Stand.
2014-10-17 15.09.56
As you can imagine by this point we were done in and Mr G was seriously flagging, but the thought of a photo-op with baking god Paul Hollywood kept us going. We were whisked in and out pretty quickly but I got my picture which frankly as a food blogger is a pretty thrilling thing. Mary Berry was in the Green Room while we were there, we didn’t dare talk to her but it was so exciting just to be in the same small room as her. House of Herby who is a Berry Nut (okay stalker) was literally bouncing in here seat which was cracking me up.
GFS14 Goodie bag
After we got the fore mentioned exciting pic we had to leave as we were SO exhausted. We were very very kindly gifted a goody back from the show organises which included some incredible gifts from Mrs. Crimbles, The Little Herb Garden, Perthshire Preserves, Warner Edwards Gin, Great British Sauce Company and Stur Liquid Enhancer. I can’t wait to give them a try.
I had an amazing day, spent too much money, and I’m so tired but already counting down the days until next years show!

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  • Katie MacLeod
    18th October 2014 at 3:59 pm

    It looks like you had an incredible day! Love the shout out for Hebridean Sea Salt 🙂

    • Glasgow Food Geek
      18th October 2014 at 6:14 pm

      It was so much fun katie. Their salt is delicious 🙂 xx

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