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Last weekend I had a lovely morning at the Makers Market at Hillhead Library where I absolutely blitz my Christmas Shopping. Nearly everyones gifts bought in under an hour, which may sound like I’ve just grabbed anything but it was actually easy as the stalls at the Makers Market are  so wonderfully lovely. I think it is better than your average market/fair with a beautiful selection of stalls with amazing items for sale. After such a successful morning we decided to treat ourselves to lunch and decided to try Cafe Andaluz.
2014-11-08 13.19.05
Cresswell lane
Located on one of my favourite streets in Glasgow Cresswell Lane, Cafe Andaluz inside was nothing like I expected. Walking through the doors you are immediately guided down the stair into a spanish wonderland, think carved dark wooden furnitures, coloured glass lanterns, colourful scatter cushions and spanish tiles everywhere. On top of this there is spanish guitar music being played – Mr G described it as the Spanish equivalent of the irish pub o’neills, I have to agree it is kind of twee but I quite liked it. I think it is also worth mentioning that we were the first people in the restaurant for lunch and there was a bit of a bad smell, but it did pass once the restaurant started to fill up.
2014-11-08 12.27.23
The staff were perfectly pleasant. They took my order and brought me food quickly with a smile  – no more really comment than that about the staff.
Cafe Andaluz on a Saturday do a special Saturday menu offering 3 Tapas and a dessert for £14.95 which I think is a pretty great deal. I ordered a glass of rose to congratulate myself on a successful shopping morning and settled in to make my tapas selections. There were a few dishes I wanted to try but in the end I settled on the following 3 dishes.
2014-11-08 12.42.19
Ensalada Marroqui – Roasted sweet potato, parsnip & chickpea mixed with chopped parsley & coriander, topped with a sundried tomato dressing.This dish was delicious, the root vegetables were cooked really well and the chickpeas were big and soft.
2014-11-08 12.42.14

Chorizo y Butifarra Negra – Chorizo & black pudding sauteed in spicy tomato. This was a large dish packed with lots of big chunks of black pudding and delicious slices of smoky chorizo, the sauce was tasty and flavoursome.
2014-11-08 12.44.39

Pollo Rebozado con Miel – Chicken fillet in a crisp batter coated with Spanish honey & grain mustard. This dish consisted of 3 large strips of chicken freshly cooked in a light crispy temper batter and drizzled with a honey and mustard sauce.
I enjoyed all three of these dishes and  I would happily order all of them again. I did get the feeling that other than the chicken fillets that the food was all re-heated as there was a slight film across the top of the sauces that usually come from dishes being warmed again. This actually didn’t bother me as the food tasted good and it was only £14.99 for a 2 course lunch… I have zero issues with it.
2014-11-08 13.05.54
I personally found the dessert menu a little uninspiring and opted to try the Caramel Cheesecake. When it arrived it was a giant chunk of made in house cheesecake served with some rather lovely caramel sauce which was light and super creamy. It tasted so good but was so big I was getting sick of it towards the end….I think this is definitely a dessert to share.
All in all a lovely lunch, not the best tapas I have had in Glasgow but I liked the food and would happily go back again.

Glasgow Food Geek Score Card

Decor 7/10
Atmosphere 6/10
Staff 7/10
Menu Choice 7/10
Food 8/10
Overall 7/10

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