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I was lucky enough to hangout and have some dinner with some of the coolest people in G-Town last Friday night at The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn. I’ll be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect from either the menu or the venue at the Tiki Bar, it’s not really a venue I have looked into that much…I amn’t sure why. Perhaps because I always assumed it was kind of a student bar….as did my 20 year old nephew which didn’t inspire me to really investigate the bar further. I am pleased to report however that this assumption was wrong and it is a pretty funky little spot which is not packed to the rafters with students. Or at least the restaurant wasn’t, I never ventured into the bar.

Located on Bath Street Tiki bar & Kitsch Inn as you would expect is a bit of a retro heaven, there are giant tiki heads all over the place (including the fish tank!), funky vintage prints on the emerald-green walls and cocktails served in faux coconuts and tiki glasses. The only thing that was missing in this little island hideaway paradise was Elvis sitting in the corner serenading me with Can’t Help Falling In Love, a la his movie Blue Hawaii.

Upon arrival the first thing I was informed by my friend that they could do any cocktail as a mocktail, what can I say the girl knows me well. I immediately set about the large intimidating cocktail menu and just decided to order the Coconut Grenade because I liked the faux coconut the drink was served in….don’t judge me, we all enjoy drinking out of a faux coconut and don’t even try to pretend you don’t 🙂

I actually couldn’t tell you a great deal about the staff, they were pleasant and attentive enough but nothing that really stood out, other than the waitress very kindly guiding me away from ordering the hottest thing on the menu by accident which was greatly appreciated.

Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn Menu cover

The food at the Tiki bar & Kitsch Inn is described as Thai Food, here is the thing I am not a huge fan of Thai food but there was more than a few things on the menu that I quite fancied trying, so I would prehaps describe it as Thai for beginners.Tiki Bar Menu Glasgow Jan 2015

To start with I opted for the Sweetcorn Fritters, when then arrived there were 5 large flat fritters on the plate accompanied with plenty of sauce. The fritters were really good, they were crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside and every so slightly greasy but I think fritters should be slightly greasy so they totally worked for me. The sauce was sticky and had a little heat in it but not too bad, the crumbled peanut over the top of the sauce added a really lovely crunch and texture to the dish. Excellent start to the meal and I would definitely order again…in fact I could have taken a second portion on the night.

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For my main I was going to order the Pla Tod Yum which was described as – Crispy fillet of coley dressed with fresh mango and cashew nuts in roasted chilli, lime and lemongrass sauce. Which to me sounded delicious, but as soon as I ordered it the waitress immediately said in a very helpful and friendly manner ‘you do know that’s the hottest thing on the menu?’ Excellent advice and I changed my order to the Coley with Three Flavoured Sauce which was described as Lightly battered coley  topped with onions, chilli and tamarind sauce giving a slightly sweet taste, served with Asian vegetables and jasmine rice.

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The dish looked and smelt incredible when it was derived to our table so I dove straight in (after taking 200 pictures of my dish naturally!) The generous portion of fish was beautiful and flaky, the batter was incredibly thin and light  The sauce was at the very top of my comfort heat wise but that didn’t take away from the amazing taste of the lovely aromatic sweet sauce and the rice was sticky, light and just the right portion size.

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A really really great meal with great friends. As an added bonus to our lovely night we checked in with out Yelp App when we were there we got 2 courses for £13.50….result! As there was a wee group of us I didn’t want to take a picture of the receipt, but if you were to go along and pay full price for the meal I had, including cocktail the cost would be £22.20 (because of the deal my meal cost £20.50)

I would definitely visit here again for food it was a lovely atmosphere and pretty delicious food.

Tiki Bar Glasgow Food Geek Review

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  • Laura Simpson
    6th February 2015 at 9:35 am

    I love the Tikibar! I even had my Glasgow hen there. Need to go next time I’m down x

    • Pam G
      6th February 2015 at 2:08 pm

      I loved it Laura, pleasantly surprised as I thought it was very much a student bar but it’s a very cool spot

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