Balti Club

Not being a native Glaswegian it has taken me a little time in the city to find my feet on where the institutions are – Ubiquitous Chip for example is a right of passage in the city, the first time you take  date here you know you are a real honest to god grown up. Ice Cream from the University Cafe on Byers Road, one I am still to try but am making it a mission this summer to try it out. The Subcrawl, no explanation needed here I think….you get the idea these are all places that as a weegie (or honorary weegie like me) you have to try.

Well I am adding my own place to this illustrious list – The Balti Club on Woodlands Road, a visit to this little unassuming take away spot is definitely a Glasgow right of passage. Why? They are the pakora kings of Glasgow…infact possibly the world! Okay Okay that is possibly a bit dramatic and over the top, but they do ah-mazing pakoras.

Balti Club Glasogw Menu Feb 2015

While there is a selection of foods available at the Balti Club – Burgers, Curry, Pizza and Kebab, I have only eaten a curry once (a chicken patia – which I really enjoyed) because I always end up ordering a selection of their pakoras.

Pakoras at The Balti Club Glasgow

With a dizzying 10 pakora flavours on option there is surely something for everyone’s taste…the standard chicken, vegetable and mushroom, but they have thrown into the mix tempting flavours like Brie & Spinach, Sweet & Spicy, Spinach & Jalapeño and Mozzarella, Onion & Chives.

Last Saturday night I couldn’t be bothered cooking so we placed an order with Just Eat and I popped out to collect the order.  I ordered Chicken, Sweet & Spicy and Mozzarella, Onion & Chives Pakoras. I also order a Shredded Chicken Chilli Puri and a portion of chips. The whole order came to £18.25,  I would also like to point out I never ate all this myself 🙂

At the allotted time I popped in to the Balti Club to collect it, it wasn’t ready but I didn’t mind the 5 minute wait, especially on a busy saturday night. Once my order was ready I scurried home to munch on my piping hot delicious feast.

Chicken Pakora Balti Club Glasgow FEb 2015

The pakoras were amazing as always, the chicken was huge chunks of breast meat, well coated in a crunchy crispy lightly spiced batter. I amn’t sure how to describe the sweet & spicy pakoras other than more sweet than spicy and incredibly moorish, I have no idea what is actually in it but it tastes great. There was a problem with the mozzarella pakoras though…I never got them, they accidentally gave me two portions of sweet and spicy instead. I do feel I have to take some responsibility for this however as I was asking the guy lots of questions about party platters when he was making up my order. It wasn’t a big deal but felt I had to mention it as this would really annoy some people.

Sweet and Spicy Pakoras Balti Club Glasogw 2015

The Puri was delicious! This was the first time I had tried it here and was pleased to find that they had given me the soft doughy thin bread separate to the shredded chicken chilli filling for me to make up myself, ensuring that the bread didn’t end up all soggy in transit. The bread was really good and I could have eaten about 4 of these. The filling was stuffed full of shredded chicken and was so incredibly flavoursome, but it was at the very very top of my heat tolerance – I think I consumed 2 pints of water eating it, but then I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to spice. 🙂Puri Balti Club, feb 2015

The chips were perfectly fine frozen chips and there isn’t really much more to comment on them.

Chips Balti Club Glasgow Feb 2015

I love the Balti Club and would say I order from here at least twice a month, perhaps next time I should go crazy and order a pizza or something just to give it a try – but then why would I when the pakoras are SO delicious.

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