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I love Bread Meats Bread, this should come as no surprise to you, I’m sure! For my money, they are, without a doubt, the best burger spot in the city. So, when I heard that they were launching a new menu, I reacted with both excitement and dread that some of my favourites might have been cut from the menu – yes, I’m talking about you Wolf of St Vincent Street Burger!

Bread Meats Bread April 2015

On Monday evening, Mr G and I were driving past and, as always, I looked in to see if there was a free table – result – there was! We then found a parking spot about 30 yards up the road and, what’s more, even had change for a ticket – it was fate!

In we trooped and were seated at the empty table, given the new menus and set about scouring through the new options.

New Menu Bread Meats Bread April 2015

First things first – the Wolf lives – thank goodness! There is also an incredible selection of new goodies to pick from including: The Full House Burger, American Cheese Burger, Smoked Brisket in BBQ sauce, Crispy Onions, Pickles and beefy mayo.

Or perhaps the Burger Van Burger is gonna float your boat? Onion smashed patties steamed under the buns then topped with cheese, ketchup and mustard….yum! I was so pleased to see the Cali Burger make a permanent appearance on the menu too, along with a whole host of new grilled cheese and sandwich options.

Sides Bread Meats Bread April 2015

In the end though there was no way I couldn’t order the Bacon and Baloney sandwich.

This was described as a, ‘double layer of grilled Bolonga Salami, American Cheese and Candied Bacon served with tomato and spicy ‘Nduja mayo.’ Mr G went for the Full House Burger and we shared our standard sides of Bacon Chips and Sweet Potato Fries.

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Bacon Bread Meats Bread April 2015

As always the food arrived quickly and smelt like heaven. My sandwich was overflowing with sweet crispy bacon, slightly smokey thick slices of Baloney and uber gooey and melty cheese. This is the ultimate pork lovers feast on a bun…I can’t recommend this new sandwich enough.

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The manageress mentioned that they hadn’t sold that many because Baloney isn’t really a big thing in Scotland. I can understand that because it is so hard to be tempted away from ordering anything other than a burger in Bread Meats Bread, but if you want to try something different, I can’t recommend this enough.

New Drinks Menu Bread Meats Bread April 2015

Along with my sandwich, I decided to try one of their new milkshakes which are served in 2 sizes: 12oz and 20oz. This is more of a flavoured milk than a thick shake but tasted so delicious; it was creamy, light and packed full of flavour. The waiter did mention that they were still dabbling with the formula but I gave mine a rave review….these shakes are a lovely little addition to their menu.

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The sides were incredible (as always) and the chips and sweet potato fries remain my favourite in the city. Mr G loved his Full House burger.

My bill came to £28.70, amazing value for money.

All in all, an amazing new menu is on offer at Bread Meats Bread and well worth popping in to try it out – all the old favourites are still there along with some epic new offerings.


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