The Rum Shack

Well this is an exciting post! It is my first post for a South Side location. Woohoo!

I am often asked why I never do reviews in the East End or the South Side. The biggest reason (I guess) is that in the West End I suffer an embarrassment of riches when it comes to dining options. In truth, I probably don’t need to go any further than a five-minute walk from my front door before I easily hit at least 25 amazing eating spots.

So when the lovely Rocco organised a Yelp night out in the South Side to visit The Rum Shack, I was super excited to finally get around to trying somewhere else in the city.

Outside The Rum Shack April 2015

Mural The Rum Shack April 2015

The Rum Shack is located at 657 Pollockshields Road. This Caribbean kitchen and Rum bar is a bit of a cool dive bar with lovely food. With the laid back decor they are clearly trying to create a Caribbean vibe, which I think they do pretty successfully. Between the distressed wooden furniture, twinkly lights and metal can style light fittings, they have created a chilled relaxed vibe to enjoy a rum and some tasty bites to eat.

The Rum Shack April 2015

The staff were lovely and really friendly. Our waiter was super smiley and checked on us often through out the evening asking if we needed drinks or wanted to order any more food. It was a very relaxed service, in keeping with the bar like surroundings.

Menu The Rum Shack April 2015

Dessert menu The Rum Shack April 2015

Not really knowing what to expect of Caribbean food, I went in to the evening a little bit blind. I had looked at the menu on their Facebook page but still wasn’t really that enlightened. In the end I just picked some stuff I liked the sound of.

Haggis starter The Rum Shack April 2015

Haggis Fritters The Rum Shack April 2015

To start with, I opted for the Spiced Haggis Fritters. These were to be rolled in spiced breadcrumbs and served with a wedge of lime, tamarind sauce and fresh garden leaves. Our starters arrived really quickly, much faster than I expected when there were 11 of us dining together. My dish consisted of 4 smallish delicious haggis bon bons coated in a lovely crunchy coating. For me what really made this dish was the light tamarind sauce, which is where the heat in the dish came from. A lovely way to start the meal.

Jerk Fish The Rum Shack April 2015

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For my main, I decided to try the Jerk Fish of the day, which happened to be Salmon the evening that we visited. This came served with peas, rice and corn on the cob. I absolutely loved this dish – the large piece of salmon was cooked to perfection – it was soft, flaky and the jerk seasoning tasted amazing. The large portion of peas and rice was the perfect accompaniment to the jerk fish, it was just plain enough that the jerk seasoning was definitely the over-riding flavour in the dish but tasty enough that you could eat it alone. The corn on the cob was juicy and tasted amazing.

Banana Parcels The Rum Shack April 2015

desert Banana The Rum Shack April 2015

The stand out dish of the night though had to be the Banana Parcels, Choux pastry and sweet banana, served with dark chocolate sauce and rum n’ rasin sauce. Let me get the bummer out the way first – I never got any dark chocolate sauce with the dish! To be honest, I don’t think the dish actually needed it but it was on the menu and I never got any (boo)! Now on to the good stuff….these 3 little hot donut-like banana parcels were a dream. They were similar to the type of slightly greasy donut you get at the carnival rolled in sugar and cinnamon and inside was a banana puree rather than chunks of banana. They were incredible and I could have very easily eaten about 9 of them.

It was 1 giant bill for the table but including Mr Gs 3 course meal and 2 drinks the cost came to £41.50 which was an amazing price for the food we got.

This is a brilliant little bar in the South Side doing something a bit different when it comes to their menu. I loved it and will definitely visit again soon.

Rum Shack Score Card

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