Sichuan House

A few weeks ago I went on one of my favourite ever Yelp outings – Dumpling Day! What could possibly be more fun that an evening with dumplings and the Yelp Glasgow crew??!!

For the latest instalment in our quest to find the best dumplings in Glasgow, we moseyed on down to Sichuan House in the city centre.

Setting - - Sichuan House April 2015

Awesome Yelper and Sichuan House FanBoy, Austen, organised the night and let us know in no uncertain terms that the food was incredible. No pressure there Austen!!!!

Luckily for Austin’s credibility the food was amazing!

Now, a dander down to Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night is not my normal stomping ground, but once you walk through the doors of Sichuan House, you could be anywhere in the city.

Interiors - Sichuan House April 2015

The restaurant has a calm, serene feel to it with lots of muted colours and lush comfy velvet chairs – it really is a lovely restaurant to spend a few hours in.

I have to be honest – since I was at a very loud boisterous (yes drunk!) table – I wasn’t overly aware of the staff as we were all too busy laughing constantly.

Based on my small interaction with the staff though, they seemed pleasant enough and we had no issues.

Menu - Sichuan House April 2015

The menu is….baffling??!!

There were so many dishes that I didn’t even know where to start. In the end, I let Austen and his lovely lady Trudie – who have eaten here lots – just pick some dishes for us to share.

Dumplings - Sichuan House April 2015

Ribs - Sichuan House April 2015

Naturally, since it was dumping day, we started with some absolutely delicious dumplings, which were beautifully plump and stuffed full of tasty meat filling. I also got a potion of spare ribs, which was huge. The ribs were beautifully tender and the meat just fell off the bone.

Selection - Sichuan House April 2015

Dishes - Sichuan House April 2015

For the main course, we had lush Kung Po Prawns (my favourite dish). This was incredibly tasty and contained fat juicy prawns in a very light batter. We also tried an aubergine and potato dish  (I can’t recall the name sadly), which came in a lovely meaty gravy. The last dish I tried was the Double Cooked Sliced Pork which was delicious and packed full of tons of beautifully prepared pork. I would  happily order each of these dishes again.

Prawns - Sichuan House April 2015

I was excited to discover that they sell my favourite Equi Ice Cream and couldn’t resist ordering the Mint Sensation Sundae which arrived with a sparkler – YES A SPARKLER!!!!! It is safe to say that this was a serious highlight for a table full of drunk Yelpers.

Sparkler - Sichuan House April 2015

Sundae - Sichuan House April 2015

Although I couldn’t even come close to finishing it, I really enjoyed the creamy ice cream sundae which was over flowing with sauce and marshmallows.

As I was sharing my food with other people, we split the bill….our share came to about £65 for Mr G and I who both had a 3 course meal. I was happy enough with the price and thought it was great value for money.

Sichuan House

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