The Finnieston

By now most of you probably know about Mr G’s affliction to fish – it makes him ill for days and whilst I love my husband dearly, I really don’t like having to deal with sick people and so unfortunately we always have to avoid fish heavy restaurants.

As you can imagine, whenever I get the opportunity to visit a fish restaurant it’s a major treat as I love fish. I went on one such “fish date” with my sister-in-law recently to the Finnieston, which I have been desperate to try for ages.

Unsurprisingly, the Finnieston is indeed in Finnieston…shocking, I know!

The Finnieston May 2015

The vibe they are going with is a trendy west end version of  ye olde world fishing tavern I think – lots of wood and exposed brick walls. It was cool and I liked it.

I do however have a couple of issues with where we were seated, which was in the extremely busy – standing-room-only bar. The biggest issue with where our table was located was the noise, which was incredible…I actually couldn’t hear my sis-in-law half the time.

This was on top of random people sitting at the end of our booth without asking, which was beyond rude and made things really uncomfortable for a less than ideal Saturday night dinner.

I am sharing this – not to put you off going – but rather to flag up that when you make a booking (if you are looking for a more relaxed chilled dinning experience (like we were)) you may want to ask to be seated in the restaurant tables at the back rather than the tables in the bar.

The staff were excellent, very attentive, helpful and friendly. Couldn’t fault them even slightly.

Menu - The Finnieston May 2015

The menu is super fish heavy and so I was in pescetarian heaven. I ordered the scallops to start, described as: Hand dived scallops, Pork cheek tortellini, wilted spinach & cauliflower foam. This dish was spectacular and my favourite of the night. The scallops were large, lush and cooked to perfection. The tortellini really enhanced the dish by giving it a delicious fresh but meaty taste. A brilliant dish bursting with big flavours.

Scallopes - The Finnieston May 2015

Starter - The Finnieston May 2015

I decided to go for the Market fish for my main, which was Coley with sides of Truffled Mash, Kale & Sugarsnap peas with a Rosemary & smoked garlic butter. The food arrived reasonably quickly considering how busy the restaurant/bar was.

Colly - The Finnieston May 2015

Fish - The Finnieston May 2015

Truffle Mash - The Finnieston May 2015

The dish looked beautiful – the large piece of light flaky fish had a perfectly crispy skin. The mash was okay, it was tasty enough but I definitely ordered wrong because my sis got chips and they were INCREDIBLE!! I enjoyed the kale and sugarsnap peas – they were seasoned nicely and added bite to the dish. The flavoured butter added a subtle zing to the dish and wasn’t over powering in anyway.

Dessert - The Finnieston May 2015

Bakewell - The Finnieston May 2015

It’s not a Saturday night if there’s not dessert and I couldn’t resist the Pistachio Bakewell Tart this normally comes with Rhubarb ice cream but since rhubarb is one of my food nemeses, I had it with vanilla instead. Served warm, the tart was light and slightly doughy, which for me was perfect. The pistachio added a lovely nutty flavour to the Bakewell tart. A beautiful dessert, which I would happily order again.

Bill - The Finnieston May 2015

The bill came to £83.20 for 2 three-course meals and some drinks. I was really pleased with the value for money.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t go back to eat at the Finnieston on a Saturday night as it was more of a bar than a restaurant and I found the general bustle of a busy Finnieston bar on a Saturday too noisy to enjoy it.  I would however happily visit during the week…I would just need to be sure to leave Mr Geek at home or risk a visit to the hospital. 🙂


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