Stravaigin Brunch

Not only was it my birthday recently, but it was also Pa Geek’s 60th…don’t tell him that I told you that though – he is very sensitive about it!

Since his birthday is the day after mine, we tend to do many days of birthday treats and this year was no different. Of course in Geekdom this includes many brunches. So on Pa Geeks’s actual birthday we headed to Stravaigin for a tasty brunch.

Stravagin Brunch May 2015

Interior - Stravagin Brunch May 2015

I would describe the vibe as old man pub meets west end shabby chic! It’s very much going for the distressed/reclaimed look and does it very well. Lots of cool lights, reclaimed wooden tables and fairy lights – very west end!

We were the only people in the restaurant on a quiet Monday morning – this meant that our waitress was super attentive but not OTT. She was both friendly and helpful.

Menu - Stravagin Brunch May 2015

Stravaigin offers quite an interesting menu which is firmly Scottish but with a strong eastern influence. With lots of tempting dishes to choose from, I eventually decided to try the Nasi Goreng….what in the world is that I hear you ask? This dish is described as: Indonesian fried rice, Ramsay’s of Carluke bacon, king prawns and poached egg.

Brunch - Stravagin Brunch May 2015

When the dish arrived it looked incredible. The generous portion on rice was perfectly greasy (in the best way) and peppered with thin slivers of tasty smoked bacon, giant juicy well cooked prawns, sliced chilli, red onion and chunks of cucumber. The combination – as odd as it sounds – was so tasty. I wasn’t sure about the cucumber because on the whole I don’t like them but they gave the dish a lightness and bite which it needed.

Breakfast - Stravagin Brunch May 2015

My only negative thought about the dish was the egg, which I had to scrape off to the side as it was WAY too undercooked for my personal taste as the white was just a bit to raw for my liking. Other than that, it was an exceptional dish, so good in fact that I have already been back to have the dish again since this visit.

Fresh Orange - Stravagin Brunch May 2015

Along with my dish I ordered a large freshly squeezed orange juice…at £4.10 I was a bit dubious but I really fancied something fresh. Once I saw the glass I immediately saw why it was so pricey, it was basically a pint glass of freshly squeezed juice – there was probably about £3.50 worth of oranges in it.

Ma Geek covered the bill and so I never saw it but I know that my dish was £9.45 and I was 100% happy with value for money. Although the OJ seems pretty pricey I thought it was good value.

I love Stravaigin, it is a cool bar and gorgeous restaurant which continues to be one of my favourite locals.

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  • From City to Suburbs
    29th May 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Can’t beat good old Stravaigin! My dad’s favourite place for a posh fish supper! Must try for brunch sometime soon 🍴

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