Nic's NYC Deli – Brunch

MrGeek loves pancakes….when I say he loves pancakes I mean he LURRRVES pancakes.

So much so that before he proposed to me many many moons ago he made me schlep all the way to Aberdeenshire to learn how to make pancakes from his Nana….she is the pinnacle of pancake makers apparently.

Now over 10 year later I make a pretty bad-ass pancake.

Nics Byres Rd Sept 2015

Now you know the importance of pancakes in our family you will understand when I say that we have very high standards when it comes to p’cakes, and unfortunately a good well made pancake is very hard to find in Glasgow.

Here are some of the main issues I have had with pancakes in the city…..

Re-heated pancakes!  In my opinion this is the ultimate cardinal sin…disgusting rubbers soggy things and frankly it is just lazy. Bleaugh!

Crepes described as pancakes! There is no excuse for this poor they are two very different things.

Squigy centres! This can only be described as BOGGING!

I have however found a couple of decent pancakes in the city and top of this list is definitely Nic’s NYC Deli.

Now if you follow my on twitter or instagram you will know how I feel about Nic’s – everything I get from there is brilliant – sandwichs, donuts, hotdogs, taco bowls, coffee…..there is nothing I have ordered from there that I haven’t enjoyed. So I was very excited a few weeks ago to enjoy my first sit-in breakfast at Nic’s NYC Deli on Byres Road.

Nics Byres Rd Sept 2015

The decor in Nic’s Byres road is exactly like the other Nic’s in town….Cool black and white pictures of New York on the walls. A  large counter area groaning with freshly made donuts and american candy to tempt.  Huge windows so you can watch the world go by and a small selection of tables. It’s not somewhere I would sit all day but it was perfectly pleasant and comfortable to sit for an hour and enjoy breakfast and a coffee.

The staff here are always fantastic. I am in here a lot so all they all know me and will chat away if they are not mobbed. They always bring specials to my attention and will recommend things which I really like.

Nics Byres Rd Sept 2015

After checking out the menu I decided to go for the Big Breakfast NYC Style – described as a Pancake stack with bacon, fried egg, sausage and maple syrup with tea or coffee. YUM!

I was immediately told by our lovely waitress that there was no sausage but she could give me more bacon and a potato scone, I was more than thrilled with this…extra bacon is never ever something to be upset about.

When the food arrived it was a pretty epic looking plate and I couldn’t wait to dive in and wasn’t disappointed!

Nic's NYC Deli Glasgow Breakfast

The 3 giant pancakes were deliciously light and fluffy and served piping hot straight from the griddle. The heap of bacon was crispy and smokey, the fried egg…..well it was a fried egg, same with the potato scone – both were lovely tho. You could tell the maple syrup was a good quality one rather than some of the faux maple tasting syrups you get in some places…the tangy smokey sweetness of the maple was lush and was delicious with the pancakes.

Nics Byres Rd Sept 2015

I did have big plans to have a donut but after this I was on carb over-load and decided to settle on a latte instead.

I love everything about Nic’s and will definitely pop back in for breakfast again soon….it’s well worth checking out if you are in their hood.