It’s official #ProjectGeekFit is once again in full flow after a somewhat indulgent festive period.

I’ve got to say I am really enjoying working out and being a little bit more disciplined again…which I put down to loving Joe Wicks Lean in 15 book – I’ll tell you more about that in my first Project Geek Fit post of the year which I will write-up soon.

As we are all still on our January mega health and fitness kicks I thought this would be an excellent time to swing by Martha’s, I wanted to check out what deliciously healthy options they had on offer and share it with you guys.

Martha’s is located in the basement of 142 St Vincent Street. The vibe reminded me of a  stylish staff canteen – the decor is fairly functional but cool. However restaurant is not really designed to linger…you go eat your food and leave.  It is a much larger space than I thought it would be, there is lots of seating but when I was in  all the seats were being used as you would expect at lunch time on a Friday.

Marthas Glasgow Food Geek Review

Other than telling the girl behind the counter what I wanted to order there wasn’t any interaction with the staff,  and on a busy lunch service my transaction was short and business like. It is worth mentioning that the queue was massive when we arrived but the staff at the counter got through it so fast, which was surprisingly great.

Marthas Glasgow Food Geek Review

The reason Martha’s reminds me of a staff canteen is the way that the ordering is set up. There are fridges stocked up with freshly prepared salad boxes, juices and desserts which you just grab as you make your way to the checkouts.

There are about 4 points order/till points, here you can add additional toppings for your salad boxes like Red Dragon Pork or Chipolte Chicken. This is also where you get your juices blended up with ice and you can order from a selection of wraps or main dishes like Scotch Beef Keema or Chicken Thai Curry.

Marthas Glasgow Food Geek Review

From the fridges I picked out a C-MoreGreen Smoothie which was made up of spinach, celery, mint, orange and mango at 127 cals and a Coconut Chai Pudding – chai seeds, coconut milk and maple syrup at 127 cals. In addition to this I also ordered a Cheera Chicken wrap, this Khobez style flat bread consisted of baked Indian herby chicken breast, coriander dressing and seedy citrus beet salad.

Marthas Glasgow Food Geek Review

Once I got home I eagerly dove into my goodies. The warp was much larger than I thought it was going to be given that it was only 434 cals. The chicken was lovely and tender and the herb coating was absolutely delicious. The salad tasted fresh and gave a nice bite to the wrap.

I would say that it was a bit on the dry side for me – I understand why as they are trying to keep the cals down and that comes at a cost but the wrap was crying out for some mayo so I added a little low cal mayonnaise. To me it was worth the 50 cals it added. Personally I couldn’t have finished such a large wrap without adding something to it. Either way the wrap tasted beautiful, just more to my personal taste with the mayo.

Marthas Glasgow Food Geek Review

The juice was really really tasty, it was light and fresh with a definite zing to it, and the Coconut Chai Pudding tasted so cream and lush that I struggle to believe it was only 127 cals. Both of these sides I would order again on my next visit to Martha’s.

Marthas Glasgow Food Geek Review

My meal came to £10.50 – £2.95 each for the chai pudding and the juice and £4.60 for the wrap. I would say that this is possibly on the pricy side but you can tell that they use quality ingredients so I didn’t mind too much. I probably wouldn’t visit regularly it would be more of a once a week treat.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Martha’s if you are tying to watch the old calories after an excessive christmas or you are just looking for a delicious but healthy dish. They have a gorgeous menu packed full of wonderfully tempting dishes at a low-calorie count.

I’ll visit again soon for sure.

Marthas Geek review

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