Geekie 2016 – Blogaversary Awards

Geekies 2016Can you believe that another year has past already and here we are on the 3rd birthday of Glasgow Food Geek?

I certainly can’t belive it. What a fast and fun year it has been.

There have been so many wonderful restaurant, meals and dishes that I have enjoyed this year that I don’t even know where to start in telling you all about them. It’s been a year of amazing new discoveries and continued love for my old favourites.

Too many amazing places to mention them all but a few do stick out including my beloved Don Costanzo’s which never fails to leave me satisfied and ridiculously happy. Other big favourites for me recently has been the new look McPhabbs which I’m in at least once a week for some tasty grub and Tantrum Donuts who are just wonderful. The year has also seen me be a frequent visitor to Cubatas, Bread Meats Bread and West on the Corner where I visit as least a couple of times a month.  And everytime I go to Single-End and Nics Deli I seem to fall in love just a little bit more.

I have had so many wonderful adventures with my crew in the last 12 months, including racking up my first booze bill which exceed £100 (£126.25 to be precise) and that was just my share of the bill!!! We have enjoyed many a drunken night together setting the world to rights, and have found some amazing hidden gems along the way – Master Sun’s Hotpot, Asian Gourmet, KaKa Lok, 111 by Nico just to name a few stand outs.

It’s been a great year which has seen my continued love of Glasgow grow – I love the people, I love the vibe and I LOVE the gorgeous gorgeous chefs who continue to serve me up amazing food which just fills me with joy (well joy, and tasty food).

But above all that I truley truley love you guys who continue to read my ramblings, give me tip and suggestions about where I should try and always make me smile with your crazy funny bantz.

You guys are all awesome, we are totes food loving kindred spirits and I can’t wait to share another years worth of food and laughter with you all.

But before we can share a FOURTH year first we should reflect on the highlights from this past 12 months.

Best Dessert – Apple Pie, Salted Caramel & Vanilla Ice Cream, Don Costanzo

Best Brunch Spot – Singl-end

Best Burger – The Pastrami Burger, Bread Meats Bread

Best Lunch Spot – Nics Deli

Newcomer of the Year – The New Look McPhabbs

Treat of the Year – Donuts from Tantrum Donut

Best Dining Experience of the Year – 111by Nico

Best Cocktails – Salon Bar, Blythswood Hotel

Favourite Restaurant of the Year – Cubatas

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