Little Canteen – Take Away

Whenever I order take away food I can often be a bit boring when it comes to trying out different places, I tend to find a few options that I like and I always just order from them. Which can be a bit of a problem if any of them close for a period of time. Which recently happened when my favourite chinese closed for a holiday – it’s safe to say I was utterly horrified 😛

Luckily there was a new place in Finnieston, Little Canteen which had just opened that I was keen to try out and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

The restaurant itself is really small with only a few sit in tables, but the vibe is pretty cool and with the decor they are obviously going for an authentic cafe style feel which I liked. Unfortunately because of the size there isn’t really anywhere to stand while you wait for your order, so I did feel a little bit like a spare part. Thankfully it wasn’t busy when I was in but I would imagine if it was you might feel like you were in the way while waiting.

So let’s talk food! First off, my order didn’t take long at all, it was under 10 minutes which I think is great for freshly made Chinese food. Everything we ordered traveled well back to the flat, and was hot still by the time we unpacked it all – so far so good!

MrGeek and I usually like to get a few different dishes and just share everything.

Little Canteen Take Away Glasgow

On this occasion we ordered some salt & chilli chicken which was pretty dang spicy but tasted brilliant, I loved the seasoning and although it was hot there was also a really nice flavour to the popcorn style chicken bites. Given that it was a starter size I ordered it was also a really large portion and could easily serve as a main if you had some chips or rice with it.

Little Canteen Take Away Glasgow

We also ordered a beef curry, which I’m kind of a wee bit obsessed with at the moment for some reason. Little Canteens version had a generous portion of tender beef strips and large chunks of crisp crunchy onion, which were drowning in a slightly hot tangy curry sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed this curry and would definitely order this again.

Little Canteen Take Away Glasgow

Then things went a little wrong with our last dish, which was supposed to be chicken in mandarin sauce, unfortunately this isn’t what we got. We actually got a portion of ginger and spring onion chicken which isn’t great, but we all know that sometimes these things do happen. And given that neither MrG or I had tried it before we’re happy to give it a go.

I can confirm we both hated it! Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it was brilliant if you liked ginger & spring onion chicken, we just didn’t like it at all. So unfortunately we ended up chucking the whole portion out which is such a shame.

Then there were the sides – we went with a portion of boiled rice which was…well…it was boiled rice. We also got a portion of salt and chilli chips which I always like to order whenever I get chinese food. The chips were crunchy and like the salt and chili chicken they were hot but packed a real punch flavour wise. They were so addictive and I am not going to lie I was more than a wee bit angry that MrG actually wanted to have some of these.

Little Canteen Take Away Glasgow

In total our order came to £22.40, which I thought was an okay price given that I did have to throw out an entire dish….had I have gotten the correct dish I would have been very happy with the price for so much food.

I really enjoyed the take away food from Little Canteen which I will definitely order again. And given how much I liked the take out I’m also now very keen to sit in and try the food here fresh because I bet it will taste even better!

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