Porter & Rye Sunday Roast

Oh Sunday, Sunday how I love thee so.

Just recently I have been going through something of a Sunday roast phase. It seems in the last few months, every time I have arranged to meet friends for a food date I’ve suggested Sunday lunch instead of Saturday night….. I’m putting this down less to ‘can’t be arsed Saturday night fatigue’ and more to the ‘festive season is coming and I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the crazy’

Whatever the reason, every Saturday night my roast senses start to tingle with anticipation of the upcoming beef feast!

This happened a few weekends ago when I meet up new friends for lunch. Giulia & Andy have just moved to Glasgow from Switzerland, so I was keen to show them the best that Glasgow’s food scene has to offer – Sunday lunch?…. Looking to impress?….. Where do I want to try?…… In the end I couldn’t look past Finnieston hot spot Porter & Rye, who’s Sunday lunch I had been meaning to try for AGES!!!

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

If you want to check out the full review of Porter you can pop over to my 10 star review here, because on this post I’m only going to talk food. Very briefly tho the venue is Finnieston chic & the staff are always brilliant.

So let’s talk roast baby!

Priced at £24 per person for three courses, I have to tell you the menu is amazing value for money.

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

The menu consists of three starters, one beef Sunday roast and then three desserts.

After looking at the menu I decided it was the kind of day to go-beef or go-home. This lead to my meal starting with a comforting bowl of oxtail soup. Now, growing up heinz oxtail was my favourite soup, and was a constant companion through my early teenage years. Well, this ain’t no heinz oxtail soup!

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

I would best describe this heavenly meaty creation as steak pie in a bowl, because frankly this dish would be closer to a stew than a soup. The bowl came full of a beautiful rich broth, which was  absolutely heaving with huge chunks of melt in the mouth, tender, flaky beef. It was practically a meal in itself.

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

If you’ve been to Porter before you’ll know that their menu consists solely of steak with a burger thrown in. So it should come as no surprise that the only dish on offer on a Sunday is a beef roast…… and sweet baby Jesus what a roast it is.

It was described as – slow cooked brisket of gaindykehead farm, seared steak, Yorkshire pudding, beef dripping potatoes, salt baked mash, seasonal vegetables and gravy. And if your mouth isn’t watering right now thinking about this you need to go see a doctor asap because your saliva glands are broken!!!

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

Naturally the beef was SENSATIONAL, it wasn’t like any roast i’d had before. Obviously Porter aren’t going to serve up some standard roasted silverside/sirloin roast. The meat they served was more like a steak, it has just a hint of pink, and had been charred on the outside just enough to give the dish the nicest smoked flavour.

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

The sides were all delicious – the made in house monster yorkie which was light with just the right amount of greasy juiciness. The roasties were golden and gorgeously crunchy – and I’m not sure what voodoo goes on in the kitchen at Porter, but they didn’t go soft even though they sat in a puddle of the meaty well seasoned gravy, which was brilliant. The mash was just salty enough for me, and the seasonal veg of carrot and (I think) kale gave the dish freshness. In short is was AH-mazing!

After our main we took a few moments (or twenty) to regroup and assess the condition of our pudding belly, and it was agreed that pudding was in order.

After checking out the menu I, along with two others at our table decided to go for caramelised lemon tart. Unfortunately, a minute after ordering the waitress appeared back at our table to tell us that there was only two left. Being the nice gal that I am I let the other have them, and I went for the replacement cherry and chocolate opera cake.

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

Holy freaking moly! When it arrived at the table I’m not going to lie I was a bit intimidated by the size of the thing… It was HUGE!

Knowing that there was no way I could finish this heavy dense looking cake I decided to dive in and give it a go, and I have to tell you it was surprising. I expected the cake to be really stodgy but it was light as a feather, with just the right amount of sweetness from the cream and tart from the cherry jam, it was absolutely lovely. I still couldn’t finish it because it was giant, but I gave it a bloody good go.

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

I still can’t beloved all of this was only £24 per person, the value for money is insanely good.

Porter & Rye, Glasgow Sunday Roast

After coffee we decided to finish the afternoon by rolling along the road to kelvingrove cafe, for a lovely little cocktail.  Before heading home for a Sunday snoozy in front of the telly to dream about Yorkshire puddings with oodles of gravy!

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