Baffo Takeaway

I did say I’d hook you guys up with two takeaway reviews this week, so as promised here is my second little write up of yet another good Glasgow takeaway spot.

In my review of Home Wok earlier this week I told you all about how I stayed in on Friday night with a few buddies and ordered some takeaway….and guess what, that is exactly what we did on Saturday night too – I’m just Rock & Roll like that!

Having enjoyed some delicious chinese food the night before I was in the mood for something a little lighters and suggested pizza. Which thankfully everyone was happy to go with , and so an order was placed with new Glasgow pizza place Baffo in Finnieston.

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017

Incase you’ve never heard of Baffo it’s located near Brewdog, opposite Kelvingrove Museum. And as well as being a takeaway they also have a pretty big restaurant to sit in and eat (which I am now very much looking forward to trying out)

We placed our order through Deliveroo, which I love because you can use their app to track your foods progress – including following your delivery person on a map as they bringing your order to you. I also like that deliveries are usually very fast – even on a Saturday night our order arrived in 40 mins, it was well packaged and reasonably hot. It’s a great service which I use all the time.

So food chat  – We ordered four pizzas……..

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017

MilaneseSugo, fior di latte, salame Milano, mascarpone (sauce, mozzarella, salami milano and mascarpone)

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017

CottoSugo, fior di latte and prosciutto cotto (sauce, mozzarella,and Prosciutto ham)

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017

EmilianaFior di latte, mortadella and artichoke (Mozzarella, mortadella and artichoke) This was my personal favourite because I really like a white pizza.

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017

Margherita Sugo, fior di latte and basil (sauce, mozzarella,and basil (obviously)

Let’s start with the base – They were all well cooked, with nicely risen slightly fired crusts and incredibly thin bases. They were pretty great, obviously they would have been much better had they have been eaten straight from the oven, but for pizza which had been home delivered the bases held up quite well and didn’t get too droopy and soggy during delivery.

The tomato sauce which I am pretty sure was made in house –  if it wasn’t it’s an excellent bough in sauce because it tasted fresh and light, with a lovely deep tomato taste.

Toppings wise the cheese to sauce ratio was good, there was plenty of cheese but it didn’t overpower the light tomato flavour . On the Milanese and Cotto pizzas I thought the meat topping was a little bit on the light side, but what was there tasted good. The Emiliana however did had plenty of tasty mortadella and just enough artichoke for me.

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017

Along with the pizzas we ordered a couple of sides, mostly because as soon as I saw Croquettes with Prosciutto, Potato and Parmesan on the menu I knew I had to give them a try. They were pretty good – very mashed potato heavy but you definitely got the salty meaty flavour of the Prosciutto and a hint of cheese from the parmesan.

We also ordered some skinny fries, they were a bit too pale for me and verged on slightly undercooked for my taste. We actually left most of them because they weren’t particularly good and I didn’t want to waste precious belly space on fairly meh chips when there was yummy pizza to be eaten.

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017

For the 4 pizzas, plus the two sides and a pasta and a foccacia the price was £41, which I was okay with. Like I said I would have liked just a little more of the meat topping on the Milanese and Cotto but on the whole I was happy enough – The pizzas held up well and tasted mighty fine….I can not wait to get in and try these straight from the oven because I think they will be kind of awesome!

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