The Sisters Kelvingrove: New Menu

Ever since my first visit to The Sisters Kelvingrove nearly two years ago I’ve love this place. It’s everything you want a great local restaurant to be – inviting, friendly and most importantly delicious.

When I talk to people about The Sisters in Kelvingrove I always describe it as food your Granny would make, but more stylish! The menu here is full of dishes that warm your heart and make you long to be back in your family kitchen watching your Mum cook your tea after school.

So when I heard that they were launching a new menu I was filled with a little bit of the fear. Whenever I hear my favourite restaurants are launching a new menu I always worry – Will my favourites survive the cut? Are they going off in a new direction? Will it change the feel of the place? You see, how some people feel about going to the dentist is how I feel about going to try a new menu at a great place – worried and anxious!

The Sisters Kelvingrove Glasgow Jan17

So last Friday, as I made my way to the Sisters I was nervous about losing that comfortable feeling I get whenever I eat there.

When I entered everything looked the same and the staff were as lovely and welcoming as ever. They’ve done a tiny bit of a refresh with some new dark grey linen, being a lover of all things gray I approved. They’ve also opened up the kitchen area a little more, so when you come in you can see the chef’s buzzing away. I always like an open kitchen so I was pleased to see this small change. It felt as inviting and as charming as ever.

The Sisters Kelvingrove Glasgow Jan17

So far so good…..I was still loving The Sisters. Then the moment of truth……they put the new menu in my hands and I peeked inside with nervous anticipation, and I knew at first glance everything would be alright. Phew!

It’s a bigger menu, but not so big you feel intimated. I understood what every dish was – there’s no foams, dust or exotic ingredients on the menu, and while I often enjoy seeing these things in restaurants that’s not what The Sisters is all about. It’s about fabulous Scottish produce being cooked perfectly and presented beautifully.

The Sisters Kelvingrove Glasgow Jan17

Don’t get me wrong this menu does see The Sisters move on a level in terms of dishes, but not so much that they’ve lost their heart. It’s still somewhere I would go with my Gran, but also somewhere I would go with my cool awesome 30 something buddies too.

The Sisters Kelvingrove Glasgow Jan17

After humming and hawing over the new menu for ages I decided to start with the Uist smoked haddock & Isle of Mull cheddar arancini served with Tomatin whisky & Isle of Arran mustard mayonnaise. These were delicious golden balls of creamy rice and gooey cheese, flaked through with smokey haddock I could clearly pick out both the haddock and cheddar taste which is always good. The sauce had just the right punch of mustard and a hint of peaty Whisky which went perfectly with the smoked haddock especially. With 5 good sized Arancini in the portion it was a nice big starter.

For my main MrG and I were unable to settle on a dish so we got mains we could swap.

The Sisters Kelvingrove Glasgow Jan17

I started with the Trio of Ardunan Farm rare breed pork – which was described as Homemade sausage roll, slow cooked belly and braised shoulder & black pudding bon bon, purple sprouting broccoli, spiced apple puree & Thistly Cross cider jus…..holy cow what a dish!

The Sisters Kelvingrove Glasgow Jan17

It just tasted like a dream – fatty tender pork belly with a lush crisp top, tasty well seasoned pork wrapped in flaky pastry, and moorish thick black pudding bon bons that I could eat a bowl of…I was in carnivore heaven! This came served with a smooth buttery chive mash and a glossy meaty salty cider jus, that was so good it could make me weep meat laced tears of joy. This is the kind of dish that I adored!

Random Note: My pictures make the sausage roll look burnt, it wasn’t – it’s just impossible to get good food pics when there’s bad lighting.

As you can imagine I was most reluctant to swap with MrG at the halfway point – but a deal is a deal, and I handed it over (grudgingly) in return I was handed the homemade steak pie.

My first thought when it first arrived at the table was – Jesus is Desperate Dan eating with us? It’s big and has a bone protruding from the centre full of yummy bone marrow…. It looked excellentMy Week In Pictures Jan 2016

The steak pie is made to order so the freshly cooked pastry was light, golden and buttery. Inside was jam packed with tender chunks of steak and carrots which still held a little crunch. It was a good steak pie that would make yer maw proud.

My only real negative about this dish is that I would have liked it to come with some kind of mash for going with the gravy.  We were advised when we ordered that it didn’t come with anything so we ordered some, and personally I think it needed the starchy potato for balance.

For dessert I did something controversial and didn’t order the Puff Candy Meringue, a personal favourite (which is still on the menu – thank goodness!) instead I decided to be bold and order a new dessert…that’s right, I am just wild sometimes.

My Week In Pictures Jan 2016

I ordered the Homemade white chocolate tart served with Lime mascarpone & fresh mint – a lovely little dessert. The individual crumbly biscuit case was filled with lush, milky, smooth white chocolate ganache and topped with a generous dollop of zesty lime scented mascarpone.  This lifted the dish from a dense tart dessert to something tantalisingly creamy but still light and fresh. It was well balanced and had my taste buds zinging at the end a rather fabulous dinner.

So that is my little look at the new menu at The Sisters. This isn’t really a review as such because The Sisters had a 10 Geek Star rating before and it still does. I just wanted to tell you guys about the new menu which is just as brilliant as you would expect The Sisters to be.

I loved my impromptu date night at The Sisters with MrG and I can not wait to pop back again soon to try out more of the incredible sounding dishes on this fab menu.