Six By Nico

It feels like everyone recently has been chatting about the opening of the hotly anticipated Six by Nico in Finnieston. So A few weeks ago when Nico asked me to come in and hijack his Instagram stories to give everyone a sneak peek at his celebratory launch dinner, naturally I was beside myself with excitement to be going in to try the food. And what a wonderful night it was.

But as always I only really write up reviews on food I’ve paid my hard earned moola on and I wanted to wait until I went back in to do a wee review….. Which I did last weekend.

Now if you follow me on social media you will already know where this review is going – it’s a stunning, clever, exciting and well executed concept that has all of Glasgow (myself included) utterly raving about it. It’s safe to say it’s a smash – so much so that when I was in on Saturday they were telling me that they’re already taking bookings into June…JUNE!!!!

So let me give you the scope.

Six by Nico is just as fabulously Finnieston as you’d imagine – you walk in and are hit with an open finishing kitchen, where most days you with find Nico himself constructing and finishing the plates. You then walk through into the wood panelled dining area which is light and bright during the day, and dark and sexy in the evenings. There is a TV on the wall showing the plating area as well as large peeping windows so you can watch Nico at work. It has a cool funky vibe and fits right in with the area.

The staff are excellent – warm, friendly, knowledgeable and at times funny. I found service flawless. Be warned tho this is not a dine and dash situation, it’s designed to be leisurely and relaxing so don’t visiting thinking you’ll be in and out quickly.

The food….. Oh sweet baby Jesus the food! So the concept is a 6 course tasting menu which chances every 6 weeks, with each menu being themed. The opening menu is called The Chippie, and frankly is gorgeous!

Now I’m not going to talk you through 6 courses of food – especially because the menu is due to change again in a few weeks. But what I will do is tell you a bit about my favourite 2 dishes to give you a bit of an idea on what to expect, and for the rest I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves.

So one of my favs is actually the opening dish – Chips & Cheese, but it’s not like any chips and cheese I’ve ever been served from a kebab shop at 2am. This dish is described as Confit Potato, Parmesan Espuma and Mustard Crumb which is served in a small tea cup. This dish is just packed with flavour – the parmesan espuma (foam) is light and delicate with a real punch of cheese, the potato give the dish a bit of texture and the mustard crumb brings the crunch and the tiniest kick to the flavour. I am not exaggerating when I say I could just eat a bowl of this stuff.

Another of my stand out dishes has to be the Steak Pie – describes as Speyside beef shin, onion choucroute and brioche. The beef is just perfect, it’s so tender and flaky that you can break it apart using just the side of a fork/ But for me the onions are the unexpected star of the dish, they are served in a few different ways which brings amazing texture and subtle taste to the plate. And the brioche croutons are fantastically addictive, they are crunchy and golden, and bring the wonderfully buttery ‘pastry’ element to the steak pie.

Here’s a little peak at the other fantastic courses……

Snacks & Bread – Peat Smoked haddock bon bons, Salt & Vinegar Peanuts, Squid Crackers, Artisan Bread

Scampi – Scrabster monkfish cheek, squid ink and herb emulsion

Special Fish – Shetland cod with sea vegetable, pickled mussels and beer batter

Smoked Sausage – Ayrshire pork with black pudding, apple and celeriac

Deep Fried Mars Bar – Dulce Leche, Chocolate Nougat, Malt

Each dish is small and well proportioned so leaves you feeling neither hungry or stuffed at the end which is perfect.

Now for the best part of all – it’s only £25… I’m not joking!

It’s incredible value for money, in fact it’s without doubt the best value for money in Glasgow. Of course you will find places when you can eat bigger portions for less money. But for the quality of food, the creativeness and general dining experience there is no where better right now for the money that Six by Nico.

So you guys will get by now that I love this restaurant – so much so that I’ve already enjoyed the chippie menu twice, and I’m booked in once more for dinner before it changes to the next theme at the end of April. Six by Nico is an exciting and fun new addition to Glasgow and fits right in with the finnieston cool kidz. I can not recommend this place enough.

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