Crossing the Rubicon

In case you missed it last week was my birthday, and as is now the tradition I don’t plan a day but a week of festivities – well a girl is only in the 30’s once! I am a huge fan of celebrating birthdays, I think aging is something that should be done disgracefully and with pride! You better believe when I hit my 40’s it’s going up to a month of festivities.

Image courtesy of Austen who likes to frequently bust my chops 😛

So along with a mega party on Saturday night and some fun dinners one of my favourite festivities last week was actually a little impromptu dinner with my buddies Austen and Trudie on my actual birthday.

We had nothing planned, it was a beautiful night, and so arrangements were quickly made off the cuff to meet at Crossing the Rubicon for a little dinner and a few drinks.

Now I have been to Crossing the Rubicon a few times, but I have never been happy enough with my pictures to write up a review – thankfully the days are now getting longer which means that in the evenings I can get better food porn pics to share with you guys 🙂

Located on Great Western Road, Crossing the Rubicon is a new(ish) and brilliant addition to the city’s food scene. The decor is very much cool hipster pub, with brilliant murals and art work painted all over the walls, distressed wooden furniture, large bar and an ever changing craft beer menu. The vibe is very much that of a casual and relaxed pub with a funky edge.

Staff wise it was a wee bit of a mixed bag that night. One of the waiters was excellent – chatty, friendly and fast. The other was a quite slow and a wee bit miserable – but hey we all have our off days, right? On the whole whenever I have been previously I have found the service really great, so this wouldn’t put me off going back in the slightest.

Right let’s talk about food baby!

The food at Crossing the Rubicon is tapas style curries, and as my group of friends is very much into sharing food this obviously works well for us….but bad for reviews because there is inevitably far too much food to talk about properly. And give that we had 3 starters, 3 naans, 2 sides, 8 curries and 1 dessert, you can see my problem, this is an awful lot of food. It’s safe to say that we were lucky if we even ate half of it – there was definitely an eyes bigger than belly situation going on.

So instead I am just going to give you a few of my foodlights from the dinner to give you a feel for the beautiful food these guys are serving up.

Pakora – specifically the delicious meaty black pudding pakora which was lightly spiced and packed full of tasty pudding. And the chicken pakora which was lovely tender juicy chicken in a light slightly spiced crispy batter. Both of which were good sized portions and came with a light creamy pakora sauce for dipping. These were a big hit.

Aloo Began – this was a roasted aubergine and potato curry which was packed with flavour. I always say that if I was ever going to go Veggie (don’t worry I’m not!) I would eat indian food all the time, because veggie curries are just as good as meat curries and this dish was the perfect example. Huge chunks of potato that still held a little bite and oodles of lush aubergine all served in a gorgeously fruity tangy curry sauce with just a hint of heat. An awesome curry and probably my favourite of the night.

Tandoori Butter Chicken – I have had this dish every time we’ve visited Crossing the Rubicon and as far as I am concerned is a must order dish – large pieces of tender marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor, and served in a tomato and butter masala sauce….I mean really, who’s mouth isn’t watering just thinking about that? The good news is that the dish lives up to the description. It was so good in fact that we ordered two portions because it is so ridiculously moorish. GREAT dish!

The Haggis and Cheese Naan – If I ever see haggis being used on a menu in an unusual way I have to order it, and served with cheese on a naan certainly counts as unusual. This wonderfully thin and buttery  naan was a reasonable size and was absolutely covered in delicious spicy haggis, the cheese I wasn’t really getting because the haggis was such a strong flavour and there was so much of it. If I am being honest this could easily pass as a flatbread/pizza main meal it was so filling and packed with topping. I’d definitely order it again for sure.

Lastly I feel a wee quick special mention has to go to the chips which were monster golden twice fried chunks of gorgeousness – brilliant chips.

There were no major negatives to any of the food we ordered, other than the little ginger nut biscuits that came with vanilla creme brulee that Austen and I shared. They were so hard I struggled to bite into them and eventually decided that it wasn’t worth chipping a tooth over. But other than that everything was just delicious. Crossing the Rubicon for my money are serving up some of the best and most interesting curries to be found in Glasgow.

Price wise – they aren’t cheap but not particularly expensive either, I would say it is a perfectly fair price for the food. The curries are approx £5.50 per dish and you would probably want 3 between 2 people, and then once you add on a few pakoras, some rice and naan it does add up for what is essentially pub food. But I think for the quality of the food it is more than worth the cost.

I love Crossing the Rubicon, and it is no real surprise that my squad have some what started to adopt this cool bar as our new favourite local. The food is delicious, the vibe is chilled and beer is always interesting….lots to love about Crossing the Rubicon.

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