#SpendItWell Campaign

Well do you? Spend it well that is……

Did you know that in recent research done my Marks and Spencers 96% of people surveyed admitted to feeling as if they go through life on autopilot….that’s crazy right? Making decisions without really thinking about it, spending hours on your phone instead of talking to the people you are with, saying yes when you want to say no, counting down your life waiting for your next holiday, taking the people we love for granted….we are all guilty of these things.

And if I was to ask you what you did yesterday that made you feel good, could you think of anything at all?

Most days I know I probably couldn’t.

Well M&S are asking us to change that, they are asking us to step out of autopilot and be more aware of our thoughts, decisions and feelings – after all life isn’t a dress rehearsal it should be an adventure! Which is why I am beyond excited to be part of their newest and most brilliant campaign to #SpendItWell and to get involved in Make it Matter Day on the 1st of June.

I’m really aware that we all have to take time out of our lives to make sure that we are mentally in a good place. For me this is lots of little things I do just to make myself smile.

So what does Spending It Well mean to me? Well, I have come up with a few of my favourite things to do that make my day that little bit brighter and make my soul happy…..And I wanted to share a few of them with you, to hopefully inspire you to really think about the small things that make you happy and do them more.

I’ve stopped keeping things for best – shoes/tops/bags/whatever. I wear my favourite clothes often and just because they make me feel good.

Do pilates – yes it hurts, but I feel amazing afterwards. My body feel somehow right and my mind is always clear and lighter.

I’ve found a lipstick I love and I wear it lots!

I buy books – no, not a download. I go to an actually bookstore, I smell the books, I touch them, I read the back covers. Then come home and immediately make a coffee and curl up with my new book before cracking the spine….ahhhh bliss!

Go for a walk – I like to make myself a coffee in my favourite travel mug and go for a walk in the local park with the dogs.

Hug – but mean it. I hug EVERYONE, but how often do I stop to think ‘this person is so important to me?’ Not as often as I should…..this is something I am making more of an effort to appreciate.

Buy myself flowers – wither these are a £5 bunch of tulips or a £40 full blow bouquet, I love having fresh colourful flowers in the apartment they always make me happy.

Knitting – I have recently learned to knit, and I can not tell you how much joy I got from knitting my first beanie…so much so that I phoned my Mum just to tell her. Now knitting may not be for you but find something creative you enjoy – drawing, painting, sewing, colouring in, photography and try to find time often to do it.

Dance in the kitchen – I am often found having a bit of a boogie in the kitchen while I am cooking. I put on my favourite album and dance like a 5 year old – no fear, no embarrassment and no shame…I promise it feels good!

Treat yourself – Buy an outrageously expensive box of chocolates and eat them in one sitting, have a facial, get a new haircut, paint your nails your favourite colour ( even if that is illuminous yellow or lilac) light the Jo Malone candle you were given as a gift and had been saving (for what I don’t know….just burn the candle), sit in a cafe with your phone on silent and the latest issue of your favorite magazine for the afternoon, go to a museum…..the list is endless!

Whatever it is that you do to makes yourself feel happy and special, do that for no reason at all what so ever other than it makes you feel alive!

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