Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery

Sorry! I know recently I haven’t really written up that many posts on the blog.

The truth is I’ve always been one of those bloggers that only writes when I feel like it. Sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I have stuff going on in my day to day life, and other times I just can’t be arsed trying to articulate my thought. This blog hiatus has been a combination of all three.

I have tried to sit and force writing in the past and it never reads well, so I just don’t write.  Good news tho, I am feeling inspire to write at the moment because I have found a few great places recently that I really want to share with you guys.

So let’s just dive right with Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery, which I visited last Sunday evening with MrG for a little Sunday dinner action. I can’t lie i’m utterly furious that I haven’t been here before because it’s fabulous.

Hidden at 652-654 Argyle Street just off the m8 in the west end, stepping inside Two Fat Ladies is like entering a time machine – in the best way. The whole restaurant is made up of little hidden nooks and crannies, and everywhere you look you’ll find wood panelled walls, chintzy retro china and ornaments, and cosy cushions. The soft lighting and soothing vintage music only helps  in setting a mood which transports you back to a long forgotten time of elegant and quiet luxury.

The tartan clad staff, including men in kilts, were on the whole excellent. I would say towards the end of our meal service became much slower – we waited an age for someone to take our dessert order and then it took a while to grab someone’s attention to ask for the bill. But other than that the service was warm and mostly fast.

So, I decided to kick off our little impromptu Sunday night dinner with the smoked duck starter which was bloody fantastic. The duck was perfectly pink, had virtually no fat and the most intense deep smokey flavour…it was exquisite. This came served with an asian inspired beansprout salad, which really lifted the dish and gave it a fresh slightly aromatic hit which it definitely needed. It was without doubt one of the best duck dishes I’ve ever had!

Speaking of ‘bests I’ve ever had’ I also had the best old fashioned cocktail as a little pre dinner aperitif – It was absolutely fantastic. I was really surprised as it came with cherries, which for me is unusual because whenever I have ordered it in the past it has come with orange. The cherries changed the drink massively giving it a really gentle hint of sweetness which I really enjoyed. So bartenders of Glasgow don’t be surprised now if I ask for cherries in my old fashioned.

Right back to the food, and on to mains! Naturally I am very much a beef kinda gal on a Sunday, so I couldn’t look past the Mignons of Perthshire beef fillet, which came served with Stornoway Black Pudding Crush and Au Poivre Sauce. Wowzers, what a dish! Two large perfectly medium rare fillets, which were incredibly flavourful and juicy. They were so tender in fact that my knife when through the meat like a hot knife through butter.

The crush was a hearty portion of crushed potato and black pudding all mashed together, it was nicely seasoned, and the buttery potatoes and tangy black pudding went beautifully with the steak. This was all finished off with the creamy light peppery Au Poivre sauce which brought the whole meal together. Such a fantastic dish!

Now there was chat when we first looked at the menu that we might go nuts and order the Grande Dessert, which is a massive sharing platter for 2 with all the desserts on it….cause frankly that is just how we roll sometimes. But by the time we had eaten our way through two heavy decadent dishes we were thinking better of this bold idea and decided just to order our own singular desserts.

A wise move I feel!

As soon as I saw the words Maple Syrup and Pecan I knew that was the dessert I was ordering – it’s one of my favourite ever flavour combos so there was no way I was passing up on this dish. This particular offering came in the form of a slice of crisp biscuity warm maple and pecan tart, which was gooey and perfectly sweet, and was topped with a layer of crunchy pecans….DROOOOOLLLL!!!!

This was accompanied by a tart blueberry ripple ice cream which was just tangy enough to cut through the sweet maple syrup. It was lush and the perfect sized dessert after my large main, I would 100% definitely order this dessert again. In fact I would without hesitation order this entire meal again.

As a little side note, we were also treated to some dinky cute made in house petit fours with our after dinner coffee which were delightfully dainty, and a really nice touch.

Price wise – it is definitely not cheap, but I thought the value for money was fair. We were £116.20 including drinks. So definitely on the pricey side, but given the quality of food, the atmosphere and service I thought the price was reasonable.  If you were looking for somewhere to push the boat out a wee bit and treat yourself then Two Fat Ladies is just the place.

This is definitely in my top 10 meals I have ever experienced in Glasgow – sure, a couple of times the service lapsed a tiny bit but really not so much that it really mattered to me. The food was impeccable and it is definitely somewhere I envision myself visiting lots. It was a wonderfully lush Sunday night treat and I very much look forward to my next visit


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