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I hate to write meh blog posts – I find them so dull to write! Those blog posts where stuff is ‘nice’ or ‘fine’ or ‘a’right’……trying to adequately describe a dining experiences where nothing was bad, but nothing was particularly standout either.

But as you know I like to give the blog balance – so while I rave about the good, try not to dwell on the bad too much, I also have to chat about the ‘aye, it was fine’ places too.

So let’s hold hands, take a deep breath, and pinch our noses to get through this review together as quickly as possible shall we.

Karma Sutra June 17

A few weeks ago MrG and I were on a late night hunt for some food, and stumbled into Karma Sutra looking for a quick bite to eat. It was about 9.30 on a random week night and our choices were limited, so we were just thankful to find a restaurant to eat in. As soon as we walked in though I immediately felt a little awkward, as there was only one other table of two in the restaurant which immediately puts me off a little. 

Any-ho….. Located on Sauchiehall Street, Karma Sutra is a wee bit dated. There are certainly some lovely features – the pretty blue mosaic domes in the roof, the hanging lanterns and large comfortable booths I liked. But while it was comfortable and quite festive, I found it quite old fashioned in comparison to lots of other Indian restaurants available in the city.

Interior Karma Sutra June 17
Dome Karma Sutra June 17

Staff wise, we had very little interaction with them. They only really took our order and brought us food. They weren’t in anyway rude, but they weren’t welcoming either I feel.

Food wise, we decided to skip starters and just share a couple of main dishes.

Menu Karma Sutra June 17

The first dish we ordered was the Buttered chicken – described as Tandoori chicken breast marinated in a buttery tomato sauce flavoured with fenugreek. Now I do enjoy a buttered chicken but I’ve never had one quite like this before… It was way more tomato in taste than previous versions I’ve tried and was actually quite spicy, which I found surprising. It was nice enough tho – there was a good amount of moist chicken breast and the sauce was nice, it just didn’t taste like buttered chicken to me.

Buttered Chicken Karma Sutra June 17

Next we ordered a mixed tandoor grill which consisted of barbecue chicken, a king prawn, lamb chop and minced kebab and came with rice and curry sauce. I would say it was again fine! The prawn was large and plump and had been grilled well with nice charring, the chicken was juicy, the lamb chop (I didn’t try), and the mince kebab was spicy but probably my favourite part of the meal.

Tandoori Karma Sutra June 17

It’s definitely worth mentioning, whoever cooked our dishes had a bit of a heavy hand with the old spices. I don’t feel we ordered a spicy meal yet everything was definitely overly tinged with heat. It didn’t ruin the food, but it wasn’t really what I was expecting and not what I was in the mood for.

Table Karma Sutra June 17

We also ordered some side – The rice was……well it was ricey! The chips were frozen but edible, and the nan was a good size – soft and doughy in places and a bit fired in others so to me it was a perfectly good nan.

Nan Karma Sutra June 17

Including a couple of drinks we were £41 so a wee bit on the pricey side for 2 main dishes. I would say while the food was alright I know you can get much better Indian food in Glasgow for the same price.

Bill Karma Sutra June 17

Would I go back? Sure, if someone wanted to go I’d go with them because it wasn’t bad as such. Would I make a point of visiting myself? I doubt it very much, because it wasn’t that great either. It was a very solid middle of the road meal which at 9.30 on a random Thursday was fine!

Karma Sutra review card 2017

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