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This is another one of those – ‘why did it take me so long to eat here’ posts.

Last week we had Ma & Pa Geek staying with us for a few days for a wee visit. Now, it is always so nice to see the parentals, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to feed them. You see my Dad is on this killer diet – he has lost four and a half stone since the start of the year through being outrageously disciplined with his diet, and swimming for 45 minutes every day. And he is doing so well that I hate to tempt him by taking him to deliciously fattening places for food.

And my Maw…well she is just a fussy bugger!

One day during their visit while I was out with my Pa & MrG to run a few chours we decided to grab a wee spot of lunch. And since we were in the east end we stumbled into West on the Green for a quick Sunday lunch bite to eat.

Now I have stopped for a drink here before but never eaten in the restaurant so I was curious to give it a bash.

West on the Green July 2017

Incase you didn’t know, West on the Green is the home to brilliant local brewery, West. Located in the rather magnificent Templeton Building at Glasgow Green, this bar, come German inspired beer hall offers up a casual and relaxed vibe. And I loved everything about its cool atmosphere – the massive studio style windows letting in so much light, the distressed wooden floors and exposed pipework which bring an industrial edge to the decor, and the large wooden tables giving it a welcoming community feel. It’s a great location to just hangout.

Windows - West on the Green July 2017Bar - West on the Green July 2017

Staff wise, there wasn’t really much to report. I would say they were a wee bit on the slow side at times – we had to try to grab their attention to order the food, and then again to get the bill. Which I thought was a bit odd since there seemed to be a lot of staff, and I wouldn’t say the bar was overly busy. However once ordered, food, drinks and the bill all arrived promptly and with a smile.

Menu - West on the Green July 2017

As you would expect from the company which claims to have a Glaswegian Heart/German Head the menu on offer here is the perfect combo of German food with a Scottish edge.

On the menu you can expect to find Goulash Soup, Spätzle, Schnitzel and Strudel next to Fish & Chips, Caesar Salad and Sticky Toffee Pud. There is something for everyone on this menu (even for people on a diet or who are super fussy)

Since it was just a quick flying visit we decided just to go for a quick one courser.

Plate - West on the Green July 2017Table - West on the Green July 2017

After a bit of humming and hawing I went for the Wiener Schnitzel, described as breaded pork escalope with warm German potato salad, lemon and house salad. We also got sides of Spatzel and hand cut chips for the table to share.

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The Wiener Schnitzel was excellent – it was a large super thin tender piece of pork, covered in a deliciously buttery crunchy coating which I enjoyed very much. The large serving of potato salad was creamy and surprisingly light, and had  a really lovely light lemon taste which went beautifully with the pork.  My only issue with this is that it wasn’t warm..in fact it was decidedly chilled. This didn’t really both we because I think potato salad should be cold but it was described as warm and wasn’t.

Another minor niggle with the dish was the house salad which was literally just some undressed rocket & spinach leaves…now again this didn’t bother me because I love rocket, and the peppery flavour went nicely with the dish, however it was not a salad it was a few dry green leaves.

Chips - West on the Green July 2017

The sides were excellent – the hand cut chips are pretty much as good as chips get for me. Large chunks of golden brown potato which were crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, and they came served perfectly seasoned.

Spatzel - West on the Green July 2017

The Spatzel, which is a personal favourite of mine was delicious. These addictive little pasta style dumplings, were slightly oily and came served with super tangy delicious crispy shallots on top. Whenever I visit their sister restaurant West on the Corner Spatzel is a must order side for me and this version was just as delicious.

Bill - West on the Green July 2017

Price wise we were £37.65 for three of us including drinks which I was fine with. Not cheap as such but I think it was a perfectly reasonable price for the portion sizes and the quality of food being served. 

I really enjoyed my first visit here – the menu is interesting and a wee bit different to your standard Glasgow bar menu and the vibe is super welcoming and relaxed. A fantastic bar and one I intend to visit much more regularly.

West on the Green July 2017 Glasgow Food Geek review card 2017

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